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I used to love going shoeless in the spring as a kid. At that point, tragically, I found bees. That made me significantly more cautious about strolling around unshod, oh my goodness! Have you ever stepped on a bee? How does it feel? It feels like the world’s worst splinter, or a shard of glass. […]

Male cosmetic treatments have picked up the prominence lately, so it ought to shock no one that Botox for men or “Botox,” is the hot new trend. In any case, why are such a large number of men getting Botox shots? A considerable measure of it needs to do with the changing mentality towards cosmetic […]

Botox injections are a famous approach to incidentally delete almost negligible differences and wrinkles on the face. Not at all like more intrusive cosmetic surgery treatments, for example, a facelift, Botox injections are snappy, simple, generally easy, and require no recuperation time.   The impacts of Botox don’t keep going perpetually, however the length of […]

Your whole piercing excitement is diminished when you find your healed ear piercing smelling awful. The smelling condition of the ear is termed as ear funk, ear cheese, piercing funk and ear stink. Needless to say that it is very embarrassing situation when this stinking smell causes huge turn off to the people around you. […]

Known as an inflammation in the hair follicle, folliculitis can appear anywhere on the skin. Before you start with the treatment process, it is advised first to learn the different types of folliculitis. Explore here. Image Source: Have you across folliculitis? Yes, it is a common skin inflammation. It is said to be causes […]

The treatment of microdermabrasion is getting popular among both men and women. While it is very easy solution to different skin problem, it is also affordable when compared to other cosmetic surgery. Let’s find out how it can help you in fighting wrinkles.   If you wish for elegant, glowing and youthful face, you might […]

Ear piercing is without any doubt one of the most common type of body piercing. Both men and women have equal craze for it. But do you know how it is done? Find out here.     You are already aware of the term- Ear piercing. It is popular and an attractive form of body […]

Body piercing is the one of most loved form of body art. It might have changed forms several times, but it is still a preferred choice of fashion freaks. Have a doubt, whether it will stay in the industry for long or not. Do you think that piercings or the similar type of body modifications […]

Nowadays there are various types of treatments such as microdermabrasion, Botox, etc. are getting popular for better skin quality. Basically, all of these are designed to heal the severe skin issues in less time. Get to know about this advanced treatment in detail here.   Not one or two, there are many reasons contributing to […]

Your fresh tattoo needs critical aftercare to remain safe from infection and swelling. Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience! You look more stylish than before. But you must know that first 12-14 days are essential for your tattoo’s healing and ink as well. This is because a fresh tattoo is like a wound, making […]