5 Exclusive Tattoo Styles to Pick this Year!

With the passage of time a lot evolution has been observed in the world of tattoo industry. Hence, today getting a perfect tattoo isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Here are 5 unique tattoo styles you can give a try.

In the recent years, different kinds of body art have become popular. Whether it is tattooing, piercing, body paint, or any other form, people of all ages, gender, and color, are going gaga over these types of arts. Among these, the one to gain greater popularity are the tattoos.

Exclusive Tattoo Styles

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Yes, getting inked for a reason, or without a reason, is something highly common these days. These are now so popular that even those people who once feared to put the ink in their skin are booking appointment with the local tattoo artists to get in style. You will generally find men getting wicked looking tribal designs on their arms and backs, and women flaunting their star and heart designs. So, without any doubt, tattoos are becoming more acceptable than ever.

Meanwhile, there is another fact to be considered here. Yes, you guessed it right. It is about finding the right tattoo style. You know that it should fit with your persona, but what? It is a real daunting task. Let’s make things bit simpler. Here are shared five amazing and unique ideas you can count on.  Have a look;

New School Tattoos

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  • New School Tattoos – You remember those anchors and swallows? The same are added to this modern version of tattoo style. Basically, these closely resemble to the old sailor tattoo styles. However, these are now better than ever. You will get to see a lot more animated, and daring much to turn brighter than the older designs. Not only men, even women today are getting anchors and swallows as their tattoos choice.


Image Courtesy: Geckoandfly.com

  • Japanese Kanji Tattoos – The love for Japanese tattoo styles has grown all across the world. Then there is something more special, Kanji. In the past few years, these have been highly popular among the celebrities and stars. You will find many musicians, cricketers, and common people with the “full sleeve” design. Both, women and men alike are getting inked with these beautiful designs covering their whole arms.

Floral and Heart Tattoos

Image Courtesy Thisistattoo.com

  • Floral and Heart Tattoos – Well, not to forget, these have been popular among women who really love to flaunt their style. For generations, it seems as if these styles have maintained their position in the industry. And yes, now these are making a strong comeback. All thanks to the new artists who are sincerely adding their own twists and turns to the old designs.


  • Tribal Tattoos – If you ask about their existence, these tribal tattoo styles have been around centuries. Certainly, these are now lot more complex than what they used to be at that time. But these have been a timely piece. Now you can put your hands on different types of tribal tattoo styles which come in different colors.

Star Tattoos

Image Courtesy: Tattoosme.com

  • Star Tattoos – For those who don’t want to put greater efforts in searching the right tattoo, can go silently with start tattoo. With different meaning, sizes, and styles, these are the simplest way to put pause on your search. Women love to get them on their wrist for a while now, but you can always pick other locations including your waist, back, stomach, ankle, and many more.

Remember, you need to choose your tattoo style very carefully. Spend as much time as you need, so that you don’t need to regret later.

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