5 Natural Ways to Treat Anal Fissures

Don’t tolerate the pain of anal fissures! Instead, use these home remedies to heal and relieve the symptoms of anal fissures.


An intense pain and bleeding during bowel movement can be the symptoms of the anal fissure. Anal fissures are the cracks and tears in the anus and the canal due to tight sphincter muscles, bowel diseases, and chronic diarrhea. You can soothe your anal fissure symptoms by following these natural ways.

Aloe Vera:

 Like other health issues, Aloe Vera is beneficial for anal fissure. It is the natural healer containing pain reliving properties that can lower down the symptoms of anal fissures. Plus, it speeds up the recovery of the damaged skin. You can use it externally or in supplement form to moisten the anal canal to ease the pain.

Pluck the leaf from aloe vera plant and peel off the outer layer to obtain the gel. Apply this gel on the affected area. Repeat this 3 to 4 times a day.

Use Wipes:   

Keeping your anus clean after each bowel movement is crucial to heal the anal fissure. Choose the pre moistened wipes to keep that area clean. They will make you feel better and helps in the prevention of the infection. After cleaning the anus with the wipe, you must dry it with toilet paper or a soft towel. You can also use baby powder on your toilet paper to wipe you anus. Make sure your toilet paper is less abrasive so that it can’t bruise the fissure.

Hot Sitz Bath

Hot sitz bath can promote the healing the tears in your anus lining. Besides, it eases the pain and itching in the genital area. Hot sitz bath circulates the blood flow to the anal area, thereby soothing the pain and keeping the area clean and infection free. Generally, they are used to relive the symptoms of Hemorrhoids. You just need to fill the bathtub with warm water. Now add lavender drops in it and stir well. Soak yourself up to your waist for 30 minutes and make sure your rectum comes in the contact. Try to take sitz bath twice in a day for better healing.


Comfrey is rich in allantoin, an essential substance for new skin cell growth while reducing inflammation. The herb promotes the healing of the cuts, bruises, damaged bones, sprains and ligaments. That’s why you can choose it to heal your anal fissure. Add 1 tbsp. of dried comfrey to 1 cup of water and steep it for 15 minutes on flame. Let it be cool. Now, you can use this solution to clean the affected area twice in a day. On the other hand, you can use OTC comfrey ointment on the affected part of the skin.

Add Fibers in Your Diet:

Anal fissures can be found in people going through the constipation problems. Apart from that, you tend to force on the anus to make a quick bowel movement. It may cause an anal fissure when the large stool has to pass out. Add dietary fibers in your diet can help you in relieving constipation. Many fruits, cereals, grains and vegetables are the rich source of the dietary fibers. Fibers soften the stools, thereby preventing constipation problem resulting in anal fissure.

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