6 Spots to Get a Tattoo If You are Fearing of Being HURT!!!

Do you fear from the tattoo just because of the pain? Don’t worry? Here we have rounded up the least painful areas for tattooing.

True. Tattoos do hurt. And it is equally true that the pain level is determined by the part you are getting them on and your pain threshold as well. Yes, tattooing on some body parts is not painful due to the less nerve endings over there. Nerve endings send the pain signal to the brain. Besides, some of them are fleshy with less bone prominence, acting as the cushion for the thrust of the needle.

If you are conscious about the pain, you can start from getting the tattoos on these least painful body parts.


Tattooing on the finger is less painful due to the less nerve endings. And icing over the cake is that finger tattoos are trendy and stylish.

Outer Shoulder:

Outer shoulder tattoos are cool, stylish and larger. And you don’t need to go through an “episode of screaming” to get them. Thanks to an abundance of flesh that act as the cushion for the striking of the needle.


Leg muscles can tolerate the pain, making them a good spot for the painless tattooing experience. They are fleshy with less nerve ending. Tattooing on the thighs looks very stylish and sensuous as well. Make sure the tattoo design doesn’t invade to your inner thighs region, as it is erogenous zone and having more nerve receptors.

Wrist’s Inner Side:

The infer side of the wrist has less prominence of the bones. Tattooing on the wrist looks very trendy. Many celebrities have tried tattoos on this spot. You can choose from quotes, names, diamond, anchors, etc. to have a fabulous tattoo design.

Upper Area of the Back:

This spot is cool for getting big and attractive tattoos. Upper area of the back is the least painful part for getting the tattoo. Make sure to avoid design reaching to your spinal area as needle’s strike on the boney surface can hurt you.

The Neck:

Neck tattoos look stylish and are least painful due to the less nerve endings there. Flaunt them by keeping your hair short or putting up your long hair.

So, these were the cool yet less painful tattoos you can choose. Always use Dr. Numb numbing cream 45 minutes to reduce the pain and discomfort.

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