Anal Fissures – The Itchy and Irritating Skin Disorder!

Anal fissures are among the most common problems which are encountered throughout the world. But still people hesitate to discuss about them. If you are seeking information about this skin disorder, here is detailed information. Read on.

Anal Fissures Treatment

Have you recently detected a spot or two of bright red blood on your toilet tissue? Yes, then there are good chances that you are suffering from anal fissure.

What is anal fissure?

Defined as a skin problem which can cause excruciating pain, this condition occurs due to a tear of any size in the anus. And it is the same tear which leads to an uncomfortable bowel movement. It further leads to stinging, burning, and sharp pain which can last anywhere, from a few seconds to a few hours. At worst, the pain can also be a reason for a spasm of muscles surrounding the rectum. Now this simply intensifies the pain.

The only good thing about these itchy and painful anal fissures is that they heal rapidly on their own. Itching can sometimes irresistible, if it happens with you, apply any numbing solution for immediate relief. Say, Dr. Numb; as it causes the affected area to be numb for few hours. You can continue with your work then. However, when a fissure doesn’t heal within a few days, you need to consult a doctor or try your hands on some home remedies. But, before that it is important to understand the causes behind. Let’s find out.

What are root of anal fissure?

  • Firstly, the most obvious cause is direct trauma to the anal canal. Now it can be due to childbirth, insertion of any foreign bodies into the anal canal, or anal intercourse, which causes fissure.
  • It can happen due to chronic constipation and chronic diarrhea. This happens after the repeated straining of the lining of the anus.
  • In some cases it can be due chronic tension in a muscular ring which is also called as the internal anal sphincter and surrounds the anal canal. When it gets tensed, blood flow to this region reduces and causes the lining become more susceptible to tearing. Also, it makes difficult for the fissure to heal.

When it comes to treatment of fissures, some people and products promise miracle cures. But are these for real? Do they work? Unfortunately, most of them don’t and yes, there exist no ‘miracle cures’ for anal fissures. Although there are some home remedies which when followed work efficiently. Learn about them in next update.

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