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Numbing creams are topical anesthetics. They work superficially and do not interfere with the medication or a skin procedure in any manner. Read on to know if they can help allay the discomfort due to the medicine injected?  Are your kids scheduled to get vaccinated anytime soon? Even if your kids are the adventurous kind […]

Methemoglobinemia is a recognized complication that results due to use of topical anesthetics. However, the risk of the problem with different topical anesthetics is largely unknown. Methemoglobinemia is a serious and potentially fatal condition, which can starve the body’s tissues of oxygen. This condition occurs when benzocaine products are used in the form of sprays […]

Recovery after a mole removal surgery is not as extensive as you may think. You only need to make sure you correctly follow your doctor’s advice for quick and safe recovery period. Moles are tiny growths on the skin which are caused when skin cells grow in clusters with tissues surrounding them. Most moles are […]

Mole removal is usually tolerated well with minimal discomfort. But, if you wish to minimize the mild stinging sensation from the laser, you can effectively numb the area with a quality numbing cream before undergoing the procedure. Laser mole removal is a highly recommended treatment for removing superficial moles that are not embedded deep into […]

Immunizations or vaccinations help protect children from serious diseases. Still, that’s hardly comforting when it’s time to actually get the shots. But, the good news is that some topical numbing creams can be used to effectively ease out this pain, or fear of pain, whichever the bigger problem. Vaccines are very important as they help […]

Restylane is a popular way to enhance the appearance of disproportionate lips. It is a painful procedure and to reduce the pain one can either use a numbing cream or go for a nerve block. But, which of these two is better? Let’s find out in this post. Restylane treatment is performed to fill up […]

Let’s face it. Nobody likes taking the pain of injections. Unfortunately, various medical treatments make injections an imperative part of diagnosis. But is there any alternative to save you from the pain of shots? Read along to find out! The hesitancy of vaccines comes in a variety of flavors. However, it’s not always about the […]

A diabetic patient needs to be emotionally and physically strong. Their main concern is maintaining ideal levels of insulin in the blood stream, for which they may have to take regular insulin shots. If you too are diabetic, and fearful of injections, try Dr. Numb, it is safe for diabetic patients, and will not let […]

Dentists often apply numbing cream on the inside of the mouth to relieve pain caused by procedures and injections. These creams are available over-the-counter and need no prescription. For more information keep reading. To reduce the pain experienced from dental procedures, many dentists are making use of topical anesthetics. They contain drugs such as benzocaine, […]

  Botox is one of the famous beauty regimens done by people who want to restore their wrinkle-free skin. A lot of people resort to this kind of procedure in order to look good and young. This procedure includes putting in a chemical directly into the facial muscle to remove the wrinkles in it. This […]