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For a few reasons, I like flower tattoos more than others, what about you? If you are also a flower tattoo lover and searching for the attractive tattoos, then you have come to the right place! The image of a tattoo can be captivating that it blends up all our senses. You can have a […]

Getting small tattoo has turned out to be very prevalent for girls who don’t want to go for the larger ones. Girls who like small tattoos normally pick simple designs that will look good for a long time. Also, they want to pick meaningful designs that will help them to remember people, important thoughts, or […]

If you already have a tattoo or are considering getting one, there are a couple of things that you may not think about tattoos. So, keep reading the article to know the things you probably didn’t know about. Skin Allergies Skin allergies can arise at any time and anywhere after you get inked. A few […]

When you’ve tried every pencil, powder, colour, gel, and stencil, but your brows are still off fleek; Microblading—a more permanent solution for thin brows—is the final treatment that guarantees to change your forehead life. The face tattoo method isn’t as startling as it sounds. To find out all that you have to think about the […]

Numbing cream is the best investment for getting a tattoo without pain and discomfort. But that’s not the only benefit! Everyone has its own experience while getting a tattoo. Some folks say that they feel like “scratching” while some compare the feeling with extreme sunburn. But one thing is for sure that tattoos do hurt. […]

Planning to get inked this season? You are not all alone. There are many like you who gaga over tattooing for one reason or the other. But before you make any final choice, there is something you cannot afford to miss. Explore details here. Everyone yearns for a beautiful look, isn’t it? And this is […]

Surely, you don’t want to end up with tattoo regret. Well, you have to consider several things before and after getting a tattoo. Tattoos are the popular body art in the USA with 29% of population having at least one tattoo. Every year, only $1,650,500,000 is spent on the tattoos. However, it can’t be denied […]

Here are the key differences between permanent and temporary tattoos which help you choose the right option. There are two types of tattoos—permanent and temporary. And you like to consider both types while looking forward to get a nice tattoo design. Permanent tattoos are long lasting and stylish while temporary tattoos are good for your […]

Here are the changes you experience after getting a tattoo. There are many changes you experience after getting a tattoo, both physically and mentally. While your body goes through healing process marked with scabbing and redness, you have a changed attitude and outlook. You learn that people have different perception about you. In short, you […]

It is essential to follow the aftercare regimen after getting  tattoos to avoid complications or troubles. Here we have listed the things you must not do if you want to have a safe and long lasting tattoo. Taking care of your tattoo is as essential as choosing the right tattoo artist. This is because tattoo […]