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Some of you might fear from the name itself- Botox. Here’s a personal experience of getting ageless with this scientific technique. Read on. Before I start with it, let me tell you one thing- it works! Seriously, I’ve never been in for surgery. Being highly terrified of cuts and stitches, I would have never said […]

Botox injections are a famous approach to incidentally delete almost negligible differences and wrinkles on the face. Not at all like more intrusive cosmetic surgery treatments, for example, a facelift, Botox injections are snappy, simple, generally easy, and require no recuperation time.   The impacts of Botox don’t keep going perpetually, however the length of […]

Are you looking forward to go for Botox treatment? Well the reasons why you are considering it might vary from others. But before you sign up for the course of Botox treatment, it is highly important to understand what it is, how it can help and many more frequently asked questions. Botulinum toxin type or […]