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There are many skin procedures that are much more than just applying topical creams/lotions. Microdermabrasion is one of them, and it is a light cosmetic procedure done with the help of a suction machine which lifts the skin. The procedure is basically about exfoliating the skin, removing old dead skin cells and revealing new ones […]

Botox injections are prominent cosmetic methods. It is known to be the speediest and easiest way to dispose of facial lines and creases. As a result of how viable the methodology is, it keeps on growing and turn out to be colossally famous. As of late, millions have received Botox injection medications. Also, it is […]

We all know that Botox is a cosmetic injectable that has turned out to be to a great degree prominent in the last 20 years. Botox tagged along as an aftereffect of the disclosure that the protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium was powerful in blocking neuromuscular transmission. In 1989 the use of Botox […]

Nowadays a number of skin care procedures are offered at spas and saloon. These are known to provide several benefits to people of all ages. Among them, Botox has emerged out to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. But this is not sufficient! Here are a few important things you need to know […]

While some of you fear that you will end up with a “face freeze”, others share some other reason for not choosing botox. As stated in the previous post it is a normal beauty treatment, which is also trusted by a number of stars and starlets in the media, it is a great option for […]

If you think about the most popular cosmetic procedures these days, Botox is a must have in the list. Ever since it was first introduced, it had been more than a decade now, it has been accepted globally. But, yes, there it is the most misunderstood procedure too. Here are answered some of the most […]

Skin cancers or Non Melanoma Cancer is mostly caused by UV rays. Read here the risk factors and some preventing steps. Ultraviolet Rays or UV rays are responsible for the skin cancer as it break down DNA in skin cells. UV light has three types which cause skin cancers such as ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B […]

Going for permanent make up? Here are few things you must know about its effects, healing process and longevity. Permanent make up is a micro-pigmentation cosmetic technique to draw designs that look like a makeup, like eyeliner, eyelids and lips. It is useful for the people that have less or no eyebrows and eyelids. Before […]

Want to get rid of moles? Do it at your home by using these effective home remedies. Moles are not harmful and develop due to the overproduction of melanin to that area. In some cases, they can occur due to injuries, scars or skin diseases. They are not health threat but can be annoying from the aesthetic […]

If it is asked about one of the most unwanted signs of aging, probably wrinkles would be the winner. Isn’t it? While it is difficult stop the growing age, but you can seldom avoid wrinkles. Yes, it is possible to combat with these significant marks of ageing. Learn how you can handle them naturally. These […]