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Did you know? Skin is the largest organ of your body which tends to have a problem or two throughout the life. While several skin problems like rashes and pimples are common, there are many you don’t know or can’t distinguish between. However, many skin conditions can be easily recognized than others. Before you see […]

Summary: Dry skin is among those medical conditions which have affected everyone’s life. It can be due to skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or it can be due to changing weather. But what here is more important, you need to start with the treatment sooner. Explore some simple things to do. Are you dealing […]

Is it the harsh climate which turned your skin dry? Or you tried your hands on a bad skin care product? There is a long list of question which has troubled many people with dry skin. Well, there can be one reason or multiple, causing dry skin issues. Let’s find out them here. So you […]

Numbing cream such as Dr Numb is a local anesthetic that contains lidocaine and is mainly used for lessening pain in tattooing and laser hair removal. When you apply such creams on any part of your body, it blocks the nerve endings and lessens the pain. Numbing creams containing topical lidocaine are also used for […]