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Genital warts represent various difficulties. Initially, a sufferer may feel embarrassed about it that she/he would do anything to hide it. In any case, this is not the response to such a highly infectious sexually transmitted disease.   It is profoundly fundamental that honesty rules to defend relationship; this way, there’s no chance to get […]

Warts that happen on the base of the foot are known as ‘Planter warts’ (Planter refers the lower part of the foot). They can show up on any part of the sole of the foot, however, usually it normally happens in the area of high weights for instance heel or bundle of the foot. It […]

Genital warts are the sexually transmitted infections that can be treated with simple home remedies. Genital warts are common sexually transmitted infections and appear in both male and female on their genital parts like penis, vagina, and anus. These warts are caused by humba papillomavirus or HPV virus which is passed on from infected person […]

The genital warts typically come together and these can be small cluster or large clusters that can spread over the infected areas. The clusters typically show up on the genital area, the penis or around the butt. The genital warts in lady can influence either the outside of the vagina or inside the vagina on […]

From origin, causes to treatment, explore the information covering up everything about genital warts you must know. What are Genital Warts? Genital warts are the sexually transmitted infection on the human genital parts. They are caused by HPV or Human Papiloma Virus, which spread during the sexual intercourse. Generally, an affected person experiences pain, itching […]