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Genital warts are the sexually transmitted infections that can be treated with simple home remedies. Genital warts are common sexually transmitted infections and appear in both male and female on their genital parts like penis, vagina, and anus. These warts are caused by humba papillomavirus or HPV virus which is passed on from infected person […]

Every tattoo experience is different. Whether this is your first tattoo, or your sixth or seventh one, you can have entirely unexpected results. A few areas will be touchier or more inclined to infection. A couple of the things that causes infection are, clothes rubbing against it, bringing on irritation and causing dirt to get […]

Tongue piercing infection is painful and creates an utter discomfort. But with some precautions and treating tips you can lower these painful symptoms. Image Courtesy: Bodypiercingmag.com Getting your tongue pierced is one of the exciting and overwhelming things to do. But it is bit challenging as you may feel discomfort and the healing time may be […]

Piercings have always been a matter of personal choice. Out of the many types of piercing, Tongue piercing is one. Though is a rare and most different, it brings with it certain complications. Have a look at the 5 signs of tongue piercing infection. Although, people are not much interested in getting their tongue pierced, […]