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Did you know? Nearly 50 million Americans have the fear of injection, which is also known as Trypanophobia or Vaccinophobia. In fact, it is one of top ten American’s fears despite the fact that vaccination is done within 20 seconds. If you are part of this injection fearing population, you are tempted several times to […]

Flu vaccination is extremely important to keep one’s health safe from germs and infections. Let’s know what is it and why you need it. What is Flu Vaccination? Flu vaccination or flu shots are vaccines that provide protection against influenza. Since the influenza virus rapidly changes, new vaccines are developed at every year.  What is […]

Admit it. You become uncomfortable when it comes to vaccination, no matter how brave or big you are. On the other hand, an injection turns out to be the biggest phobia for kids. Nobody wants to face the pain resulting from the penetration of the skin by the tiny needles. But vaccination in necessary and […]

The moment the child is born he is given a lot of vaccination doses in order to strengthen his immunity and protect from serious illness and diseases. But vaccination process in fact a painful process especially for infants. Although we cannot avoid the immunization just because of few seconds of pain but we can of […]

Vaccination is given to the new born kid to boost his immunity and to safeguard against all kinds of diseases. Basically, the immunization process is done to make the new born resistant towards unwanted infections which can otherwise difficult to treat. But vaccination is administered with the help of a needle which is pierced into […]

Flu is a common disease which affects many people especially during the fall season. It is marked by sneezing, coughing and body weakness. Sometimes this condition also becomes worse and can lead to hospitalization of the patient. The following article deals with a basic Introduction to Flu Vaccination and the use of Numbing Cream For […]

Numbing creams can be used to anesthetize the lip area before beginning the lip injection treatment as it is often all that is required for ultimate comfort. Lip augmentation or lip injection treatment is performed on patients desiring voluminous lips. While most women wish to have well defined & pouty lips, many of them do […]

Numbing creams are topical anesthetics. They work superficially and do not interfere with the medication or a skin procedure in any manner. Read on to know if they can help allay the discomfort due to the medicine injected?  Are your kids scheduled to get vaccinated anytime soon? Even if your kids are the adventurous kind […]

Restylane is a popular way to enhance the appearance of disproportionate lips. It is a painful procedure and to reduce the pain one can either use a numbing cream or go for a nerve block. But, which of these two is better? Let’s find out in this post. Restylane treatment is performed to fill up […]

A diabetic patient needs to be emotionally and physically strong. Their main concern is maintaining ideal levels of insulin in the blood stream, for which they may have to take regular insulin shots. If you too are diabetic, and fearful of injections, try Dr. Numb, it is safe for diabetic patients, and will not let […]