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Numbing cream such as Dr Numb is a local anesthetic that contains lidocaine and is mainly used for lessening pain in tattooing and laser hair removal. When you apply such creams on any part of your body, it blocks the nerve endings and lessens the pain. Numbing creams containing topical lidocaine are also used for […]

This article is all about Psoriasis, how the rash begins, symptoms of Psoriasis, less common forms of psoriasis. Also, you will read that how to detect Psoriasis. Psoriasis; Overview Psoriasis is an incessant skin issue that produces thick, pink to red, infected areas of skin secured with white or shiny scales. The rash happens on […]

From origin, causes to treatment, explore the information covering up everything about genital warts you must know. What are Genital Warts? Genital warts are the sexually transmitted infection on the human genital parts. They are caused by HPV or Human Papiloma Virus, which spread during the sexual intercourse. Generally, an affected person experiences pain, itching […]