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Most people don’t take surgery easy as it is stressful, bleeding, painful and life disturbing. But with some tactics, you can mitigate these things associated with surgery. So, you are scheduled for a surgery. Whether its big or minor surgeries, nobody wants to go under the knife. Apart from pain, there are several things that […]

If in an initial test, the reports indicate towards abnormal functioning of an area of tissue in the body, your doctor might suggest you for biopsy. Basically, it is known to be an advance form of tests which includes removal of the cells or tissues, which are then checked under a microscope. Learn in detail […]

Often people have confusion about the differences between minor and major surgeries. Continue to learn about the pints of differentiation between both forms. Minor Surgery A minor surgery is any procedure that neither penetrates a body cavity, nor encourages permanent impairment of any bodily functions. Procedures like superficial vascular cut down, endoscopy, laparoscopy, implanting pumps […]

You might have heard about botox, laser, dermabrasion, etc. as the face lift and beauty enhancement procedures, but do you know about eyelid surgery for eye lift? Wondering!!!! Read to know more. Our eyes are the most delicate part of our body and hence the area around is vulnerable to stress and exposure to natural […]

What is Minor Surgery? Surgery is a term conventionally used for treatments that involve cutting or needlework to the tissues. In addition, developments in surgical techniques have made the definition more complicated as sometimes include lasers and ultracisions, instead of scalpels to tear or cut tissues. Surgery is a broad area of care that involves […]

Other than being nuisance, most warts are harmless and go away on their own. But, having a clump of warts on the knees can be extremely painful and difficult to cope up with. And if left untreated, these may even spread and increase in size. So, read along the following article to learn about the […]