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Tattoos are something that you will live with for eternity. In fact, they are dazzling and amusing to have, which are permanently on our bodies. Tattoos for women can fluctuate from shape, size, colour, and place where they are inked on. Many women are searching for tattoos that are exclusive. The possibility of an extraordinary […]

Are you having issues with your new tattoos or while planning to get a tattoo design for the first time? If yes, then it’s very difficult to make a decision instantly. No matter, how much trendy designs influence you, but you will think twice before picking them.   Indeed, even the most creative people can […]

Getting a tattoo is an overwhelming experience. And it’s a big decision too. Tattooing lasts for 10-15 years, so you want the best design on your skin. Tattoos are prone to infection and skin scarring if you choose wrong artist. So, here we have come up with the important things you must know about tattoos: […]

Surely, you don’t want to end up with tattoo regret. Well, you have to consider several things before and after getting a tattoo. Tattoos are the popular body art in the USA with 29% of population having at least one tattoo. Every year, only $1,650,500,000 is spent on the tattoos. However, it can’t be denied […]

It is essential to follow the aftercare regimen after getting  tattoos to avoid complications or troubles. Here we have listed the things you must not do if you want to have a safe and long lasting tattoo. Taking care of your tattoo is as essential as choosing the right tattoo artist. This is because tattoo […]

Pain is regularly a deciding factor with regards to choosing where to put a tattoo. A few people will need to put their tattoo wherever it is, either the minimum or most hid by dress or wherever they feel is profoundly fitting. The Pain Factor Where does getting a tattoo hurt the most? Many will […]

You have to think about tattoo aftercare as you are prepared to get new or another tattoo, keep reading the article… It might be your first time, or might be you are doing it for second or third time, but for every situation, you must check tattoo after care directions while getting your new tattoo. You […]

  This article is all about useful information one must know about pre-tattoo consultation with your tattoo artist. There is ample of time and effort involved in tattooing process, and to make everything go easily, you must consult your tattoo artist first before getting inked. May be it takes a lot of time, but to […]

Lip tattoos are the progressive form of the tattoos. In spite of having less to no visibility, these tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts. If you think lip tattoo is not an easy job, you are right. Lip tattoo can be more complicated and critical than you think. If you are getting lip tattoo for […]

Since tattoo involves skin piercing and wounding, it is essential for a tattoo artist to maintain hygienic standards at his tattoo shop. Being a tattoo artist, you must be passionate about your skills, your art and your client. But for being a good tattoo artist, it takes one more step and that is passionate about […]