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Getting a tattoo is not as simple as it appears to be. There is a lot you need to know before you decide to pick any particular design. Checkout some of the essential things which will help you get a right tattoo job. If you are looking forward to get a tattoo, you need to […]

Do you know which is the highest growth industries in the U.S during the last 20 years? If you search it on Google, you’ll find the internet and the health/fitness industries as the leader. But, you know there is one more industry that is in trend???Let’s break the suspense! It’s the tattoo industry… The Tattoo […]

Surely, you don’t want to end up with tattoo regret. Well, you have to consider several things before and after getting a tattoo. Tattoos are the popular body art in the USA with 29% of population having at least one tattoo. Every year, only $1,650,500,000 is spent on the tattoos. However, it can’t be denied […]

Have you got a tattoo job done recently or you are planning to get one, when it comes to using Numb Skin, there might be many questions surrounding you. How to apply? Is it effective? Will it leave any side-effects? And many more! Find your answers here. When you start with the tattoo process, you […]

Getting ready for a tattoo is as important as choosing the right tattoo design and artist. You cannot overlook this preparation. Here you will find the detailed guidelines on what to do and what not to. Body tattoos are the next love of every young male and female today. And why only youngsters, even the […]

Whether you choose it to design your next tattoo yourself or look for an expert advice, getting the right tattoo artist is something you cannot overlook. Basically, you need someone who can ‘ink’ your thoughts. Learn some points which will help you be better prepared to make a right decision. So, you have made up […]

Many years back, it would have been inconceivable to broadcast a show based exclusively with respect to a tattoo artist and his or her clients. It was just not done… Tattoos were for those individuals who lived in the shadier areas of life. Thankfully, circumstances are different and with them a new attitude towards forever […]

There’s no surprise to the fact that getting tattoos is very hurtful, especially when it’s your first one. For some, getting inked is like coming back from the deathbed. But as said, “Where there’s a way, there’s a will too.??? There are ways by which the tattoo pain can be eradicated, not completely but to […]