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Should I use numbing cream or numbing ointment? What’s the difference between numbing spray and numbing gel? Find your answers here. Whether it’s piercing or tattooing, you would like to apply the layers of numbing products on your skin for painless procedure. Today, numbing products are available as spray, cream and ointment. Have you ever […]

Dr. Numb is a well known topical anesthetic cream, which basically contains Lidocaine and Prilocaine in an exceedingly unadulterated structure and in an amount that has been determined as the most astounding amount by Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Numb is a water-based numbing cream, which neither influences the ink nor the skins flexibility. This […]

Flu is a common disease which affects many people especially during the fall season. It is marked by sneezing, coughing and body weakness. Sometimes this condition also becomes worse and can lead to hospitalization of the patient. The following article deals with a basic Introduction to Flu Vaccination and the use of Numbing Cream For […]

As we near the end of 20s, wrinkles, fine lines, deep scars on the cheeks and darkening under the eye is a common phenomenon to be noticed. Clearly, they are nothing but signs of aging. After the beauty products and the natural treatments fail to fight against acne and aging signs, there are other options […]

Are you tempted to try out derma rolling procedures? But, is the fear of needles holding you back? If yes, then numbing creams might be your perfect solution! Because derma rolling with needles above 0.75mm will cause pain, many people are using numbing creams for a comfortable experience. But, most of them have one question […]

Achilles Tendinitis is a pretty common condition. An affected person feels mild to serve pain along the backside of his leg. The pain is felt in an area near the heel. Read on to know if you can use numbing creams for Achilles Tendinitis or not. Achilles Tendinitis is a condition that affects the largest […]