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Do you know the right amount of numbing cream to be used for your tattoos and piercing? If not, read here to know how much numbing cream you must use for your tattoos, piercing and Botox. Call it local anesthetic or lidocaine cream, you love to have numbing cream before every piercing and tattoos. Numbing […]

Know here the uses and effects of lidocaine topical creams. If you have numbing cream or a regular visitor to our blog site, you must have come across a word, Lidocaine. Either you may be curious to know what is lidocaine or don’t give a damn care to know it. But if you use numbing […]

Choosing the quality numbing cream is worth your investment as it ensures you best results. Here are factors you must consider before choosing a numbing cream. Whether it’s your tattoo or piercing, you like to use numbing cream to minimize the pain involving in these processes. Well, it is good decision to purchase numbing lotion, […]

Ivermectin is a kind of compound, which is used as an anthelmintic as a part of veterinary drug and as a treatment for river blindness. Moreover, this Medicine Update is for people who are taking, or planning to take, Ivermectin to treat regular or crusted scabies. What is Ivermectine? Ivermectin is an anti parasite medicine, […]

Scars of bad times leave you with long-lasting effects, both physically and emotionally. While it takes a hell lot to sweep up those marks from your memories, the solution of reclaiming those bodily scars is found – Tattoos over scars can help you feel better and live with confidence again. Humans love to look beautiful […]

Flu is a common disease which affects many people especially during the fall season. It is marked by sneezing, coughing and body weakness. Sometimes this condition also becomes worse and can lead to hospitalization of the patient. The following article deals with a basic Introduction to Flu Vaccination and the use of Numbing Cream For […]

Tattoos – evergreen, ever-rocking and ever-stylish! We get allured by the chic and amazing art done on the body… in various designs, and colors. But, here we have something that will make you amaze more about tattoos. Tattoos were, fifty years ago, the watermark of rebels and social pariahs like bikers, carnival freaks, etc. However, […]

Methemoglobinemia is a recognized complication that results due to use of topical anesthetics. However, the risk of the problem with different topical anesthetics is largely unknown. Methemoglobinemia is a serious and potentially fatal condition, which can starve the body’s tissues of oxygen. This condition occurs when benzocaine products are used in the form of sprays […]

Are you tempted to try out derma rolling procedures? But, is the fear of needles holding you back? If yes, then numbing creams might be your perfect solution! Because derma rolling with needles above 0.75mm will cause pain, many people are using numbing creams for a comfortable experience. But, most of them have one question […]

If you bear a high threshold for pain, getting your tragus pierced might not be a big deal. Others, however, who can barely handle the sight of a needle without wincing, can consider using Dr. Numb. Read on to know more. Tragus piercing involves piercing of the tiny overhang of cartilage that project outward from […]