Popularity Is Soaring; Tattoos For Women in trend

Do you know which is the highest growth industries in the U.S during the last 20 years? If you search it on Google, you’ll find the internet and the health/fitness industries as the leader. But, you know there is one more industry that is in trend???Let’s break the suspense! It’s the tattoo industry… The Tattoo Artists industry has shown development in the past 5 years, incompletely because of pop culture, including tattoo-related reality TV programs that have made tattoos less socially forbidden.

Popularity Is Soaring; Tattoos For Women in trend

History of Tattoos

Body enhancement through inking is obviously an old form of individual design which has been used to both shows one’s individuality within a group and furthermore to check oneself out as a part of a group within a larger group, for example, for members within a similar military unit or for team members.

Although traditionally observed as a male propensity, the initially recorded case of inking is of an Egyptian High Priestess with inked arms going back to 2000 B.C. In fact, it is assessed that the proportion of female/male tattoos performed in the U.S today is roughly 60/40 for the women!

Which types of tattoo do women be likely to go for?

The most well-known tattoos for ladies are nature or mythology based. The most common tattoo designs picked by women are flowers, fairy, or butterfly, lower back, side tattoos, and many more. Ladies have a tendency to pick a tattoo design, which will supplement their body shape, ordinarily in a streaming example, while men tend to create an impression with their tattoos and wear it more like an identification.

Shoulder tattoos are more in trend!

Shoulder tattoos for ladies are more in trend these days and this kind of body work of art is much more looked forward. The shoulder is one of the best areas for tattoos since the tattoo artist is given adequate space and a canvas to chip away at. There are really better places for shoulder tattoos, including the area on top of the arms with large round bumps. The other is at the back over the scapula which is known as shoulder bone.

The area of the body artwork counts a lot while hunting down the best design of your tattoo. You have myriad choices to investigate so as to locate the ideal size, shape, and proportion of tattoo design. It’s fortunate that there is a wide variety of various kinds of tattoo you could use for your shoulder artwork.

Therefore, the growth of the tattoos for women in market has been a contemporary phenomenon. Therefore, never hesitate to decorate yourself with these beautiful tattoo designs!

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