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Tattooing can be a painful procedure, but thanks to advances in medical research getting a tattoo does not necessarily has to be a painful procedure. Over the counter numbing creams are scientifically formulated topical anesthetics that can reduce and at times even eliminate the pain of getting tattooed. If you want to get a tattoo […]

The art of inking thoughts on body (Tattoo art) is widely accepted and practiced way of self-expression of individual or collective beliefs or impressions made by life experiences. The history of Tattooing dates back to ancient times, but its popularity is achieving milestones in the modern civilization.  However, people do end up with blunders inked […]

Tired of saggy skin? Fix it at your home by using these all natural remedies easily available at your kitchen. As you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity and collagen making it drooping. The other causes of saggy skin are smoking, alcohol consumption, dehydration, weight loss, pregnancy and poor diet. But you can bring […]

Wrinkles are a standout amongst the most undesirable symptoms that once it appears on your face you begin to feel stressed. You can from time to time stay away from wrinkles since this is one of the crucial marks that one is in the process of maturing. Everyone needs to age smoothly by not spending […]

Being a woman is not at all easy – staying attractive and spic and span comes naturally to us. We do a whole lot of things for it, and removing those unwanted hair is just one of them. There are times when we think; God, if there was a permanent solution to get rid of […]

One the most widely recognized skin problems that individuals are experiencing today is melanoma. You may have had caught wind of this condition some time recently, particularly, if you are inquiring about the risk of skin tanning. In any case, this condition is not just identified with skin tanning. There is very to it than […]

Melanonaevus or melanocytic naevus, which is generally known as a mole is a small and dark pigmented spot that shows up in different parts of the skin. The state of the mole is normally oval or roundabout. A few moles are available during childbirth while others show up as one grows up. The moles typically […]

Do you experience the ill effects of sun damaged skin, also known as photo harm? Sun damage skin is brought on by a gathering of sun exposure all through your lifetime. If you have perpetual sun damage, it can realize restorative changes in the presence of your skin, for example, skin diseases and pre-malignant skin […]

Diverse types of skin pigmentation issues can arise as you get more established. As a general rule, these pigmentation issues show up because of harms in the formation of the skin. These harms can be brought on by scratching your skin, wrong use of concoction peelers or unnecessary presentation to UV rays. If you need […]

Find out how strawberry marks happen or what their symptoms are. We cover all things you ever wanted to ask about strawberry marks. What are Strawberry Marks? Strawberry marks are the birth marks in the form of red lumps mostly appearing on the head, chest, and upper back. They are common in the newborn babies […]