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Getting ear piercing is exciting. But you should not forget the aftercare and precaution after getting it. Ear piercing is the common type of piercing and is popular among both sexes. Keeping your ear piercing clean is essential as it is prone to the infection and swelling. If you don’t do it, your excitement of […]

Most people don’t take surgery easy as it is stressful, bleeding, painful and life disturbing. But with some tactics, you can mitigate these things associated with surgery. So, you are scheduled for a surgery. Whether its big or minor surgeries, nobody wants to go under the knife. Apart from pain, there are several things that […]

Few decades ago, it would be strange to see a person with any type of body piercing, isn’t it? However, with increased number of people going for this form of body art, you will see different forms of piercings. In fact, there are some which are so strange that you will not believe them to […]

Have you seen that there are many individuals that have Tattoos nowadays? In the past you may have just seen tattoos on individuals, for example, mariners, outlaws, and biker gangs, however, now tattoos are a very popular body embellishment for some individuals. The types and styles of tattoos has likewise come far. Tattoos have formed […]

Looking fit and wonderful can do a ton of good for anybody. It can support their spirit and help in making progress both- personally and professionally. With logically propelled cosmetic treatments nothing is incomprehensible nowadays. They have the panacea for all skin and weight-related issues, for example, skin inflammation, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, stoutness and so […]

Ear piercing is a popular fashion today. Undoubtedly, it has evolved significantly with the passage of time. But what about the infections and other problems associated with this form of body art? Yes, the problem is still the same. Not anymore! Here’s how you can heal it in a natural way. The large variety of […]

Are you planning to get your body inked? Have you selected your design? In case, not, it is must that you know about those common designs which later go under removal process. Find out them here. Image Courtesy: Getting that tattoo decades back was something no less than a challenge. It seemed like to be […]

The most well known age group for getting a piercing areas from about age 15-25. A standout amongst the most well known kind is a tongue piercing. There are diverse types of the tongue rings accessible for the individuals who settle on the decision to complete this.  After the procedure has been finished and you […]

Tattoo making is a type of art practiced even during the antiquated times. Distinctive gatherings and people are getting this work of art on their body for various purposes. Nonetheless, in this present day time, armband tattoo turns into an exemplary decision since you can have it without agonizing over your expert status. Proficient tattoo […]

Looking for tragus piercing? If yes, here are the things you must know about tragus piercing to ensure great style and safety as well. Image Courtesy:  Tragus piercing looks trendy and lets you go beyond the traditional ear piercing styles. Arguably, Scarlett Johnson is the first celebrity to spot with the tragus piercing. Having your […]