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Are you tired of using pencil, gel, powder, pigment, stencil, and lots more at the makeup counter? But still your brows appear sparse? Give a try to the all new method –microblading.  Being a more permanent method to fix those thin brows, it is a promise way out to change how your brows look. The […]

Being a highly effective method of hair removal, laser treatment keeps unwanted body hair at bay for several years. Find out here where laser hair removal works in the best possible way. Are you looking for a more effective and efficient solution to get rid of unwanted body hair? You can trust laser hair removal […]

It has been years that Botox was introduced as a magical solution to keep aging signs at bay. Want to know whether it would work for your or not? Here are your answers. Do you know more that 7 Million people went for Botulinum Toxin Type A? So, without any doubt Botox injections have turn […]

Labrets can be a good option if you are interested in piercing. It is just that you will have to follow a proper aftercare process to keep it in a rocking state. Want to know how? Here’s your answer. Are you looking for a funky style of body piercing? Why go for any other piercing […]

Are you the “DIVA” who does not know where she would be partying tonight and which holiday destination she is going to visit this summer’s but only one thing she knows and that, “anything can happen”. Being unpredictable and enjoying the life fullest has its own charisma. When life is unpredictable, you have to be […]

Getting your hand tattooed calls for deep understanding. It is going to be there for lifetime. Find out here few things you must know before bearing an ink design. Undoubtedly, the popularity of hand tattoos is on the rise. It can be due increasing number of celebrities getting their hands inked, and showing them off. […]

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Swimming pools contain chlorine and bacteria that can damage your new tattoo and ruin your euphoria as well. Let’s admit it. It is hard to resist the temptation of splashing into the pool right after your tattooing. After all, tattooed body looks great with the backdrop of water. However, we insist you to wait for […]

Laser technology is becoming popular for various reasons. One among these is its usage for tattoo removal. Find out some key factors related to the same. You already know that tattoos are more popular than ever. However, the bad news for tattoo lovers is that there is a severe increase in a number of people […]

Don’t let those stubborn leg scars trouble you any more. Here are some natural solutions to get rid of those adamant scars and get a flawless look. Read on to know more. Everyone wish to possess beautiful and clear skin. But there can be chances, due to one reason or the other, your skin has […]

Tattoos are popular amongst both men and women since ancient times and its popularity is increasing with passing years with no signs of it to get fade in nearby future. In 2002, the term tattoo became the most searched term on the internet. Although tattoos are available with people since long, still people are opinionated […]