3 Key Factors That Affect Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser technology is becoming popular for various reasons. One among these is its usage for tattoo removal. Find out some key factors related to the same.

You already know that tattoos are more popular than ever. However, the bad news for tattoo lovers is that there is a severe increase in a number of people who regret their tattoos for a variety of reasons. This is really high in case of teenagers as 78 % of them are found to regret the same.

In fact, you can just have a quick look on Google trend graph. This states the huge difference between tattooing and tattoo removal. It is pretty clear that more and number of people now look for ways to get rid of their body ink.

Google trend on tattoo removal

Are you also looking for a way to remove a tattoo?

Certainly, laser tattoo removal makes a good choice. It is a primary method to get rid of those inking decision which was taken due to some instant likings.

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What is the laser tattoo removal treatment?

This process works using a high-intensity light beam which breaks up the pigment colours. As black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, the process works for this colour in a more efficient manner. Also, other colours can be treated by selected lasers, depending on the pigment colour.

In order to get the process done, first look for a trained professional. Schedule a consultation in advance as he will be evaluating your tattoo. You need to understand that there can be a number of sessions required depends on the size, age, and colour (s) of your tattoo.

With this it just likes your tattooing, laser tattoo removal will be uncomfortable. For this, you can trust a topical anaesthetic solution like Dr. Numb. It is one of the best numbing creams available. On application, it causes a loss of sensation. Hence, it produces a temporary numbness by blocking the nerves for some time. It comes with 5% lidocaine and can be used for relief from tattoo removal pain.

What are the key factors to be considered before laser tattoo removal?

Before you step out for a laser clinic, here is something you need to know.

Skin tone: The ink used in the process penetrates the second layer of skin called the dermis. When a tattoo is to be removed, the laser beam will penetrate the dermis. It will not cause any damage to the epidermis. However, skin tone can be a reason behind the length of time taken for a laser to penetrate. Usually, darker skin tones take a lot longer to get successful results. Reason being, a higher wavelength laser will be required to reduce the chances of any damage. And it will take time to act.

Ink quality: Tattoos come in unique composition and each artist employs a variety of compounds to form a pigment. While this composition does not only include colours, it also varies in ink quality and type. It is here when the difference arises in terms of easiness to remove a tattoo.

Location: The placement of your tattoo will make a difference in the success of a laser tattoo removal. There are areas of the body with a large blood and lymph node count. These are the easier ones to work with and include your face, neck, etc. But body parts like upper and lower back, where a high blood and lymph node count is present, will be difficult to treat. It includes your arms and legs.

So, if you have been living with tattoo regret, you can now get it removed using laser treatment.

IMPORTANT: This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.

Healthcare professionals and aestheticians use Dr. Numb® Topical Anesthetic Cream 5% Lidocaine for a number of off-label uses such as medical and cosmetic treatments. Always carefully read the label and heed all directions and cautions. Seek the advice of physician or a qualified healthcare practitioner prior to its application or use.

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