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6 Tips to Get Good Tattoo with No REGRET for Life

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 19th

6 Tips to Get Good Tattoo with No REGRET for Life

Thinking to get tattoos? Before approaching any tattoo artist, do these things to get the good tattoo without regret for the life.

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Tattoos are everywhere beyond the bodies of those sailors, bikers, celebrities and gangsters. From geek to stern corporate man, getting tattoos is extremely popular among the people from all walks of life. Maybe you want to make a large tattoo, or simply getting phrases reflecting your personality. But the reality check is that people have to regret through the life if designs go wrong. Surely, you don’t want to go through such experiences. Here are some tips to get a tattoo that won’t the cause of your repentance for a life.

Choose the Right Tattoo Studio:

The experience and skills of your tattoo artists affect the quality of the tattoo. Therefore, you like to put your money on the good one. You can find good tattoo artists online or by asking your friends.

  • A reputed tattoo artist has the portfolio which gives you an idea what type of designs he can make.
  • If a studio is too cheaper, it means they are cutting corners somewhere, for example, they may be using inferior inks or cheap needles.
  • Make sure the studio practices good hygiene and take proper health precautions.
  • Ask them about the aftercare.
  • Check if the studio is licensed.

Where You Like to Get It?

That’s the first and foremost step you must consider. Many tattoo artists recommend it over the areas where a tattoo can be easily made. If it’s your first time, you must choose the areas which are less sensible to the pain. The ribs, feet, knees, and hands can give you pain as they are boney, thereby lacking the “fleshy cushion” to resist the impact of the tattoo needle.

Must Be of Your Taste:

Think what kind of design you want to be inked on your body. Most of the people browse web pages to choose the best tattoo design. However, you must keep your personal tastes in mind rather than blindly fascinated by others. Tell your tattoo artist about your favorite designs or he/she shows you the tattoo chart to choose from. But choose which looks tasteful, not vulgar on you.

Good Tattoo is Not Cheap:

Big and beautiful tattoos are expensive as the price is determined by the size, amount of inking/shading and coloring. But approaching the cheaper studio can’t be said safe choice as they use cheap materials and have less experienced staff.

Don’t Get Tattoo Before Beach Vacation:

It’s tempting to flaunt those big tattoos with the swimsuit, but tattoos healing process is long, so you avoid swimming as pool chemicals and ocean bacteria can affect your tattoo. Even your tattoos are not safe in direct sunlight. So, you must get tattoos few weeks before your beach vacation.

Don’t Forget Aftercare Instructions:

A tattoo takes a long time to get healed, thereby requiring special instructions. Your tattoo artist will give you aftercare guidelines to prevent infections and an exposure to the bacteria like daily washing, drying, and application of moisturizer. You must not cover your tattoo with plastic wrap.

So, these are some tips you must keep in mind to have a great tattoo without any regret.