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6 Types Of Laser Treatment To Treat Large Pores on Face Permanently

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 19th

6 Types Of Laser Treatment To Treat Large Pores on Face Permanently

If those pores on your skin are extending over a widespread area, you need to pay greater attention to this problem. Nowadays there are several types of lasers which you can give a try for treating your skin. Explore more information here.

Fighting with those pores on your skin?

Definitely, large pores are a big reason to worry and it is really difficult to hide them. Even if you try to place heavy base of makeup, those large pores will appear anyhow. In fact, in many cases the large pores emphasize makeup more, and thus highlight the area affected in a more significant way.

So, if you are suffering from really large and visible pores, there are good chances that you have tried several over the counter solutions. However, it is really difficult to achieve fast and efficient results. Plus, the chemical filled creams and gels can do more harm than good. It is the biggest reason why 57 percent of U.S. women now prefer buying all-natural skin-care products.

Whether you use natural products or the chemical ones, you have to wait for longer to see visible results. Don’t worry! Thanks to the evolution of different types of laser treatments which can help you treat large pores.

Below are listed varying types of laser treatments which can be used to shrink large pores on face permanently.

1. Fractional Laser Technology: Certainly, it is one of the newest forms of laser treatment available so far. This treatment comprises of collagen production which is further boosted significantly in a manner that the larger pores are shrunk. Hence, it is also leads to new skin production. The good thing about the technology is that it has proven to be very successful. And yes, it works ideally with the sensitive skin type too!

2. Clearlift: It is one of the most common laser procedures which is also US-FDA approved. While this technique helps in boosting the skin’s overall quality, it can be specifically targeted towards the pore issues. Hence, it is widely used to induce collagen production, making your skin much more elastic and brighter over time.

3. AFT Technology: In this process, a light device is used which works equally good to on all skin types. While the device deeply penetrates into the skin, it helps increasing the production of new collagen. Hence, your overall skin will appear to be much brighter, smooth, and refined. Along this, the pores will shrink down with this technology at a faster pace.

4. 1440 Laser Treatment: It is also referred to non-ablative 1540 treatment and involves 3-4 sessions. Yes, it will depend on your skin type, how many sessions you need. Basically, the laser beam used, goes and penetrates deep into your skin. It works to stimulate new collagen production. As it boosts the collagen level, the pores will start disappearing. In fact, the smaller ones might even get compressed at the same time.

5. 2940 Ablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing: Another non-ablative treatment which is very act as an actual laser skin peel, offering amazing results! In this process, the entire skin will be peeled and this will remain red for some 5-7 days. One thing you need to know about this treatment is that it is much gentler when compared to the old CO2 laser resurfacing.

6. Pixel Perfect Technology: If you want your skin to undergo a self-exfoliation process, this technology has a solution for you. You will love it for the way it works for old skin, which had pore issues, severe or mild. After few sessions, these pores go away or these can be scrubbed away. Hence, you will get a new skin which will be incredibly soft and much brighter.

So, these were some of the best and extremely effective laser treatments you can think about. Certainly, there are plenty of non-laser treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. However, the results differ significantly from laser process.

No more worries! You can now look beautiful and young in the long run. Just make sure you visit your doctor beforehand and have detailed understanding of the process.

Plus, it is worth noticing that laser treatments might not be as comfortable as you expect them to be. Yes, these can be painful. But you don’t need to hesitate from the process for this reason at least. You can switch to any topical anesthetic solution like Dr.Numb® cream. Actually, when applied to your skin, this cream blocks the pain signal for three to four hours. Hence, you can have a pain-free session.

And don’t worry for the safety! It is a FDA certified product; you can buy it online or over the counter. What are you waiting for? Get ready to say bye-bye to pores!