7 Reasons for Dry Skin- What’s yours?

Is it the harsh climate which turned your skin dry? Or you tried your hands on a bad skin care product? There is a long list of question which has troubled many people with dry skin. Well, there can be one reason or multiple, causing dry skin issues. Let’s find out them here.

So you are fed up of buying those expensive dry skin creams and lotions, right? You need to know that you are not all alone. There are many like you who have been fighting with chapped, rough and dry skin condition.

As far as the reasons are considered, there is not one or two, but there are many. Read in detail;

Moisture-Robbing Soaps:

What kind of soap or bathing shampoo do your prefer? The one you are using might be having the best fragrance, but do you know it can ruin your skin. Yes, it can be one reason behind dry skin. Check for the bar of soap into your shower dish, and remember, these are not at all the same. Washing your skin with a harsh soap simply make the moisture barrier straight down the drain.

Harsh Skin Treatment:

Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin is necessary to retain its quality. But do you know that excess of it can make it dry? No doubt using a scrub help your skin become clean, but don’t be harsh on your skin. You can use a scrubby sponge and a mild scrub to keep your skin healthy.

Winter Weather:

Almost everyone is aware of this one. When the temperature drops, it takes away the beauty of your skin. Reason being the humidity level plunges and the dry air leaves skin parched. It is often seen that when the weather starts to change, people start complaining about dry and itchy skin. And seriously, turning up the thermostat is of no help. In fact, indoor heating will strip off the moisture from air, and your skin too.

Growing age:

With the growing age, the hormone levels change. Hence, you will easily find that the aged persons have dry skin. Actually, it is the hormone changes over the years which make the skin become thin and parched.

Steamy Showers:

In the colder days, do you set the shower at too high temperature? If yes, then those steamy showers which soothe your body will harm your skin’s quality. Seriously, it won’t do any good to your skin. It is understood that you feel wonderful to stand in a really hot shower, but it is worth noticing that it will dry out the natural oils for your skin, more quickly.


There are many fabrics, metals, and much more, which can cause you itching or irritation. It can be your favorite sweater or your favorite jewelry or the detergent which you are using to wash clothes. When your skin comes into contact with any of these, it can lead to skin issues including, itching and dry skin.

Health Concerns:

Lastly, there are several skin conditions which can make your skin dry, scaly, and red. It could be atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, scabies, and so on.

Now, as you are known to the reasons, it is time to learn about the treatment part. In the next post you will get solution to each problem. Stay tuned!

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