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7 Tattoo Questions Beginner Always Want to Ask

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 10th

7 Tattoo Questions Beginner Always Want to Ask

Needless to say you must be high on excitement for your first tattoo. Being a “tattoo virgin”, it’s obvious to think about tattoo procedure, pain factor, prices and other related things. So, here we’ve come up with the answers you always wanted to know before getting your very first tattoo.

Are Tattoos Safe?

Tattoos are safe, only if you get them from reputed studio and good artist. Therefore, you must choose your tattoo artist wisely by researching, reading the reviews and knowing from the people having tattoos. Otherwise, getting a tattoo from inexperienced or poor artist can make your prone to skin damage, infection and even tattoo regret.

Does My Tattoo Hurt?

It depends on your tattoo location. This is because some body parts are least painful while some are most painful due to the presence of muscles and fat in that area. For example, a tattoo on your collarbone will hurt while getting it on your thighs won’t be that painful. Apart from that, taking alcohol or coffee before tattooing just adds to your pain level during tattooing.

How Much I’ve to Pay for a Tattoo?

Well, it depends on three factors—design, size, and artist’s expertise. But that doesn’t mean you choose cheap artist just because to keep the rates low. Remember, good tattoos are not cheap tattoos are not good.

Where I Can Find Good Tattoo Designs?

There are many ways to find good tattoos inspiration. For example, you can explore thousands of designs online via image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Besides, you can check your artist’s portfolio to find the right one of your taste.

Can I Use Numbing Cream?

Yes, you can. Numbing cream is efficient to keep your pain lower while going through tattoo process. You can choose Dr.Numb® numbing cream which is the popular pain reliving solution available in the market.

How to Find the Right Tattoo Studio?

A right tattoo artist ensures you good tattoo design along with the safety. Therefore, you must locate the right tattoo artist by researching, reviews and asking your friends. Once you find a studio, make sure to visit a day prior to check if they practice standard hygiene.

What to Do After Getting a Tattoo?

A tattoo aftercare is essential after getting a tattoo. Always follow the instructions given by your tattoo artist.

We hope that these things would help you find right tattoo artist and understand the basics of your process before entering the studio for the very first time.