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7 Things Your Need To Know About Nose Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 3rd

7 Things Your Need To Know About Nose Piercing

If you are on a lookout for a classy body modification, nose piercing can be a good option. Find out here few important things you need to before getting it done. Start reading!

Do you know nose piercing is documented back to 1500 BC?

Yes, it is really old. However, it became popular in the early 1960s when the hippies adorn them for several reasons. And now there are different types of nose piercings including nasal septum piercing, bridge piercing, nostril piercing, etc.

It became more popular when it was found to be helpful in treating problems related to childbirth, and even relieving pains during menstruation. So whatever the reason you have for getting your nose pierced, it is must to have a deeper knowledge about the process first.

The process: Before you get it done, you must understand the procedure. Basically, this type of piercing is done by passing a needle through the tissue, replacing it with a piece of jewelry. You can wear a stud or a nose ring, as per your choice. However, the type of jewelry can vary as per the piercing type. For example, in case you get a septum piercing, which is performed by puncturing the tissue inside of the nose, jewelry for this sort of piercing will include rings, barbells, tusks or spikes.

The artist and parlor: While there are many people who may be willing to offer cheap piercing, it is essential for you to choose quality. So your first commitment must be to quality, not to the cost. Don’t get influenced by the false promises and cheap rates while getting your nose piercings done. This could be the biggest mistake which that can lead you pretty inexperienced practitioners. Here are some questions to be answered before making any final choice:

  • How well is the practitioner's reputation?
  • Does he have adequate licensing?
  • Is the piercing parlor clean and hygienic?
  • What do the previous customers have to say about him?

While you can check for many of these through an internet search, for others you have to visit the parlor in advance. But that’s totally fine. It is better than dealing with a bump or a scar later it life.

The pain factor: If someone has said to you that nose piercing is painless, either he lied to you or he made use of a numbing cream. Yes, nose piercing is painful. But that doesn’t stop you from getting it done. As you can count a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb® which comes with 5% lidocaine. Being an FDA approved product it is safe to use for all skin types. It works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. Hence, when you apply it to your skin, it produces a numbing sensation for three to four hours. This means you will not feel any kind of pain during the process.

The Risks: Getting this type of piercing can be an exciting time for self-expression. So if you are considering having your nose pierced, then you should be well aware with the safety precautions. After