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Applications Of Numbing Cream

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Mar 27th

Applications Of Numbing Cream

There are myriad benefits of numbing cream, making it an effective way to make both medical and cosmetic procedures easier. It can be used for any purpose: from preparing a site for application of needle for the painless procedure to soothing a particularly unpleasant bump. Considering other numbing treatments apart from numbing cream, numbing agents are applied via injection, thereby making the procedure painful.

However, you can get rid of unnecessary pain incurred due to the application of numbing agents via injection by switching to the numbing cream which provides a thorough numbing sensation. Numbing creams like Dr.Numb® consist of 5% Lidocaine, making it highly effective for all the medical and cosmetic treatments.

What Can the Numbing Cream Be Used For?

Numbing creams can be used for a variety of problems, from the small problem like a bee sting to the large problem like getting a tattoo or large area to be waxed. The ingredients residing in numbing creams make them versatile, thereby preventing the pain when contacted with the epidermis. Although there are an enormous amount of benefits, some of them are discussed in this article.

  • Microneedling

As per the survey of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2016, 15 billion dollars were spent by Americans on combined surgical and non-surgical procedures. Microneedling is a process to fake your skin to generate extra collagen (a protein used to rejuvenate your skin), helpful for younger-looking skin. As the name suggests, tiny needles are used to inject a protein named Collagen into your skin.

Wash your face thoroughly before application of numbing cream and pat your face dry with a towel. Since numbing cream is to be used for Microneedling purpose, use it in a small amount. Apply it about a ½ an hour before the treatment to allow the ingredients to work well. You can return to your normal activities after the microneedling process. You may encounter redness and irritation from Microneedling process but it’s natural.

  • Laser Hair Removal

The data of American society for aesthetic plastic surgery (ASAPS) suggests that in 2016, 1035783 laser hair removal procedures took place and this treatment bagged the third position among all the non-surgical procedures performed in 2016. A rise of about 46.3% has been witnessed since 2009.

Laser hair removal is one of the fastest-growing methods to get rid of the unwanted hairs of the body. Why is laser hair removal the best choice to get rid of the unwanted hairs? The answer lies in its effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience.

You can apply a good Topical numbing cream to the area before the laser treatment. A good numbing cream never interferes with the effectiveness of the treatment.

Apply it 20-30 minutes prior to the session. But make sure you read and follow the directions accordingly or ask your technician to guide you.

  • Tattoos

Tattoos are one of the most trending forms of body modifications and are the perfect medium for self-expression. In the USA, there are 14% of Americans with at least one tattoo and there are 36% of Americans aging between18-25 who have at least one tattoo.

But with tattoo comes pain and not everyone can bear the pain of tattoo process. Numbing cream is the perfect solution to get rid of pain and numbing cream can be used for before and after the process.

Numbing cream can be used 30 minutes prior to the tattooing process by rubbing the product into the area to be tattooed after the skin has been cleaned and shaved. The numbing cream won’t affect the beauty of your tattoo and it helps to just ease the pain of healing the tattoo without distorting the ink.

  • Piercings

The human body is an empty canvas which one design and paints on their own, thereby turning it into a priceless art. Your body can be turned into an art as per your wish and there is a huge trend of piercing as one gets huge choices to express themselves, thereby adding beauty to their personality.

Use of Numbing Cream for Piercing:

  • One 10g Tube for ear, lip or belly button
  • One 30g Tube for more wide area piercings

So, these are the ideal amount of numbing cream application. However, you can use the amount of the cream based on your estimation if you have a larger cream tube. The numbing cream is an excellent method of numbing skin just before a piercing occurs.

Dr.Numb®- The best numbing cream in the market

Dr.Numb® is a popular numbing cream which is FDA approved and contains a solution of 5% lidocaine. Lidocaine has been in use for many years as anesthetics in medical and dental offices. Lidocaine resides in the purest form of Dr.Numb® cream.

Dr.Numb® is able to be used on broken and unbroken skin alike, and is, therefore, an excellent solution for use on facal treatments on other painful procedures.