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Bikini Waxing: The beginner’s guide!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 19th

Bikini Waxing: The beginner’s guide!

Summers are already there and now this is the right time to go for bikini wax. For the women with a lot of pubic hair, it is something highly essential when they wish to wear a thong, string bikini, or any of those skimpy swim suits. If you are new to this, here is all you need to learn beforehand.

When is about bikini wax, the idea might excite you, intrigue you, or scare you. Your perception can be different, depending upon your knowledge, past experience, and your need to have one. But one thing is sure, as soon as summer arrives, women start rushing with their appointments to have one. They like to clean up their bikini region to put on their skimpy bikini, and flaunt their flawless looks.

What is bikini wax?

Basically, it is a method to remove the unwanted body hair around the pubic or genital area. It simply makes things easier for those women who crave for thongs, bikinis, and other sort of revealing lingerie. In the process, a special thick hair wax layer is applied to the targeted area to get soft, supple and clean skin.

Can it be done at home?

While the world is going gaga over DIY’s, yet it is advised to skip it for this purpose. There are some styles or techniques which can be done alone. However, experts have highly discouraged it. And if you are a beginner, count only the experts or licensed aestheticians, who are well trained to perform this. Make a wise decision and protect yourself from those injuries of doing it all alone at home.

Are there any styles of doing bikini wax?

While many of you might have gone through the process once or more, but those are new to the term, need to know that there are several options you can opt for. So, just before you head to the salon, check out the different types quickly:

Basic Bikini Wax: This would be possibly the first one you will be advised for, if you are getting it done first time. Just like the simple waxing style, it is done to remove all those hair lying outside of the average bikini line. In this case, wax is usually applied to your upper thigh areas, and also to the hair below your naval. For the beginners who simply want to groom that area, it is a perfect choice.

The Sphinx style: It is also popular as the Hollywood Bikini Wax. And it got the name arrived from the hairless breed of cat, which is also known as Sphinx. The best thing about this method is that it is quite simple and leaves you complete clean skin. It covers all areas of the genital region, i.e. from front to back.

French Bikini Wax: Moving a step further, it is harder and gives better results. In French style, all the hair, including the one in basic case, are removed. In this case, you are typically left with a small vertical strip of hair. This is often referred to ‘landing strip’. If you love to wear those narrow types of bikinis, you can choose this method.

Brazilian Bikini Wax: Want to take the process to all new levels? Then you need to learn about the Brazilian wax. By far, it is the most famous type and typically involves the removal of your genital area hair. Yes, it includes both, front and back. While in few cases, it might appear similar to the French type, having a small strip of hair left, but certainly you can let your waxing technician know your preference beforehand. If you love thong style swimwear, and want to get rid of hair from front and backside, completely, this waxing type is meant for you.

Now you are known to the different styles of bikini wax types. So, when you book an appointment make sure you explain the professional about exactly what you need to be done, and get it done the right way!