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Are you tired of using pencil, gel, powder, pigment, stencil, and lots more at the makeup counter? But still your brows appear sparse? Give a try to the all new method –microblading.  Being a more permanent method to fix those thin brows, it is a promise way out to change how your brows look. The […]

Microblading has boomed in prominence over the last few years; now is a superior time than ever to wind up noticeably required in the business. There exist many customers who wish to have the procedure done than affirmed technicians ready to perform it, which makes turning into a Microblading professional a venture that can possibly […]

It doesn’t matter whether you like arched or straight, bold or feathered eyebrows. What matters is that eyebrows are the most important part of your face. And, one must know how to maintain them in order to get satisfied.There are many ways to update them like using brow gels, pencil, and even tattooing. Also, if […]

If you desire fuller, natural-looking eyebrows, then Microblading is for you! If you crave for fuller, natural looking eyebrows, then Microblading is just for you! Microblading is an incredible means for men and women to thicken their eyebrows or darkening them, in this manner, making them more obvious by making while upgrading the most natural […]

Here we have busted common myths about permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is the ray of hope for those who have diminished facial features or lost it due to ageing or medical condition. In permanent makeup, iron oxides are embedded into the skin with a needle to draw eye lining, lips and eyelids. It is also […]

Microblading is the breakthrough cosmetic technique that is useful for those having less or no eyebrows. Let’s know about the important things about microblading. Microblading is the cosmetic technique to define eyebrows that are thinned or lost due to the age or medical condition. It is also known as microstroking, micropigmentation, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, […]

Don’t feel like going to the parlor every fortnight? Or cannot bear the pain to get the exact shape for your eyebrows? Whatever is the reason, microblading is an answer to your problems. Read more. Without a doubt, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. Isn’t it? While some of you like them in […]

Going for permanent make up? Here are few things you must know about its effects, healing process and longevity. Permanent make up is a micro-pigmentation cosmetic technique to draw designs that look like a makeup, like eyeliner, eyelids and lips. It is useful for the people that have less or no eyebrows and eyelids. Before […]