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If you are ready for the nose piercing session, here are the emotional stages you will go through. Nose Piercing is exciting and overwhelming as well. But these are the pre-piercing experience. This is because you go through lots of emotions throughout the session, no matter if you are a piercing enthusiast or a beginner. […]

Nose Piercing is no more a tradition, but a style statement today. In spite of the fact that in most of the East Asian nation’s nose piercing is related with their custom and culture. But, in today’s present day world, it is more in association with being on trend. This procedure takes around is truly […]

Numbing your skin is a down to earth, safe methodology that can make piercing your skin less complex, more exact and less agonising. While numbing your skin, but, it is vital to do as such around another person to guarantee the procedure is protected and productive. Below are the given ways to numb your skin […]

Without a doubt, ear piercing is the most common type of piercing done all across the world. It is common among children too. For the parents who are planning to take their child for piercing very soon, here is something useful. Explore. Nowadays body piercing seems to be highly popular among both, men and women. […]

If you think body piercing is painful or you can do all piercing yourself, you need to read these myths relating to body piercing. Body piercing is an age old practice and an evergreen fashion as well. Whether it’s a traditional form like ear piercing or a progressive one like belly button, piercing is popular […]

Yes. Any individual who says it doesn’t hurt has an abnormal pain threshold, and I salute them. I too had a normal pain when I got nose piercing.  Obviously, it doesn’t hurt like your nose has tumbled off. You won’t be not able to go on. Yet at the same time, it feels like a […]

Here the simple home remedies available at your kitchen to treat the signs of ear piercing infection. Ear piercing is the most common piercing among men and women. There are nearly 16 types of ear piercings include lobe piercing, auricle piercing, conch piercing, helix piercing and tragus piercing. Ear piercing looks trendy and stylish, but […]

Are you scared of piercing pain? If yes, these simple strategies help you overcome the fear of ear piercing.  Ear piercing is the common piercing type and is popular among both women and men. However, it can’t be denied that most people have fear of pain while having their very first piercing. A sight of […]

Here are the mistakes you must avoid for having a safe and successful belly button piercing at home. Did you know? Belly button piercing is popular than ear and nose piercing as over 30 percent women choose it. This type of piercing just adds to your oomph factor. Belly button piercing was made popular by […]

Jewellery in the upper lip, looking like a beauty mark, is known as a Monroe piercing. And, sometimes known as a “Madonna” or “Manson” piercing, Monroe piercing take 8 to 10 weeks to heal. When you remove your Monroe jewellery, you will have scars, just like some other facial or body piercing. A few factors […]