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Methemoglobinemia is a recognized complication that results due to use of topical anesthetics. However, the risk of the problem with different topical anesthetics is largely unknown. Methemoglobinemia is a serious and potentially fatal condition, which can starve the body’s tissues of oxygen. This condition occurs when benzocaine products are used in the form of sprays […]

Microdermabrasion with numbing creams and Chemical Peel are two popular cosmetic procedures targeting individuals desiring a younger looking face. But, which amongst the two is best for you? Let’s find out! Microdermabrasion with numbing creams and Chemical Peel are two quick, economical and downtime procedures for a radiant and younger looking skin. Both the treatments […]

Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective treatments to reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of pockmarks. To optimize comfort, people with low pain tolerance can prefer using topical numbing cream prior to the procedure. Pockmarks are pitted scars which give the skin an uneven appearance. Although, they can appear anywhere on the skin, pockmarks […]

Patients with lower pain tolerance should prefer using numbing creams while undergoing Microdermabrasion treatment. But here again, make sure you only use a water based numbing creams for very oily skin types. Microdermabrasion is one of the best procedures to maintain the health of oily skin, to keep the pores clean and to prevent frequent […]

Microdermabrasion can be a painless and safe treatment. But, patients with a lower pain threshold should prefer using a numbing cream for a comfortable and scream-free microdermabrasion therapy. Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenating and revitalizing procedure. It is especially designed to repair skin that has been damaged due to excessive sun exposure, acne and general […]

Recovery after a mole removal surgery is not as extensive as you may think. You only need to make sure you correctly follow your doctor’s advice for quick and safe recovery period. Moles are tiny growths on the skin which are caused when skin cells grow in clusters with tissues surrounding them. Most moles are […]

Mole removal is usually tolerated well with minimal discomfort. But, if you wish to minimize the mild stinging sensation from the laser, you can effectively numb the area with a quality numbing cream before undergoing the procedure. Laser mole removal is a highly recommended treatment for removing superficial moles that are not embedded deep into […]

Moles can be unsightly and can make you feel self-conscious. To get rid of them, you can either do down the surgical route or prefer treating them the natural way – your eagerness to get rid of the unwanted moles would largely influence your decision. Read along the following article to learn which treatment would […]

When choosing a numbing cream, safety of use should be your first preference. The good news is that tested and approved products such as Dr. Numb have never been reported to have any side effects. Today when there is a huge variety of numbing creams to choose from on the market, safety has become a […]

Generally the warts don’t require any treatment. But, if your warts are painful or spreading, or if you’re simply bothered by the way they look – then you can opt for a variety of treatment choices. The following article discusses some of the most common treatments for wart removal. A wart is a sort of […]