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In our previous article, we studied about neuralgia, and when to visit a doctor. Here, we are again to discuss about the diagnosis and treatment related to Neuralgia… When you see your doctor for neuralgia, ask queries about your symptoms. Your specialist will need you to depict the pain and to let them know how […]

Are you anxious about going through the pain in getting a full sleeve tattoo or even a tiny bit love symbol on your wrist? Worry no more, you can get the tattoo done with a sweet smile by using topical anesthetic cream known as Dr Numb. The formulation of Dr Numb, numbing cream has been […]

It is not a surprise that someone tells you how painful the process of getting a tattoo can be. Yes, it is painful. But that doesn’t mean that pain is intolerable. There are some simple ways to minimize this tattoo pain. Find out them here. One of the first thoughts when people plan to get a […]

Sometime essential oils play a role of friend when you’re tolerating the breakup pain. They help you by relaxing and calm down your nerves. Here, we have listed such essential oils. Breakup is one of the rough phases in life which you can’t take easy. When the relationship ends, it’s obvious to feel detached, lost, […]

Regardless of what anybody may let you know, you can never anticipate the amount of tattoo pain you’ll go on while having a tattoo done. If you begin with the determined and the right outlook, it won’t not be as difficult as you had expected. Image Courtesy: In any case, if you come into […]

Muscle pain is common and everybody on the planet has experienced it at some point of their life. The common causes of muscle aches are overusing or injuring the muscles during physical activity like workout, muscle tension. Here are some home remedies which ease your muscle pain as they contain anti-inflammatory properties and healing power. […]

When it is about body art, tattoos are the most popular choice. Now that people are running gaga over the different ways to expose their skin with tattoo designs, it becomes bit difficult to choose the best style. Find out some popular options here. It is no more a new thing to get a glimpse […]

When it is about body modification, there are a number of acts which can be done to the body. While some of these acts can be permanent, others are temporary. The very first image that comes to mind is that of a heavily tattooed person with so many piercings and strange clothes. However, this is […]

Just as there are many reasons why you want to remove the moles from your skin, there are a number of different methods to get rid of them. While some prefer going for surgical treatments, other love to keep closer with nature. The ground fact is that there are pros and cons related to both, […]

Dermatitis is a term that signifies “irritation of the skin”, it can be of different types: contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis; are only some of them, and it for the most part comes up as red, swollen and irritated skin. Remember! This condition can show up in numerous structures shifting on every individual. Dermatitis […]