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Eyebrow threading is the widely used hair removal technique to shape eyebrows. In eyebrow threading, a thread is doubled in a way so that it “pulls out” the hair at follicle level while rolling over the eyebrows. It is an age old hair removal technique originated from the ancient Asian and the Middle East civilizations. […]

Eyebrow threading is the popular cosmetic technique for shaping your eyebrows beautifully. However, it is painful as it involves plucking of the hair directly from the skin. But don’t worry as numbing cream is here to make your threading process less painful. Let’s see how it does it. Eyebrow threading is one of the old […]

An ideal pair of eyebrows says a ton in regards to you! They define the face and add excellence to it. Eyebrows ought to be prepared remembering the face shape, age and inclinations. But, with busy calendars and feverish work hours, we hardly have sufficient energy to go to the parlor to complete our eyebrows. […]

“It takes time to make hardest decisions in life”.And getting a tattoo for the first time is indeed a big decision. A small loophole can cost you a lot in the long run, including harmful effects like skin infection, cancer or even STD’s. To avoid such fatal consequences, the most important thing you can do […]

Ivermectin is a kind of compound, which is used as an anthelmintic as a part of veterinary drug and as a treatment for river blindness. Moreover, this Medicine Update is for people who are taking, or planning to take, Ivermectin to treat regular or crusted scabies. What is Ivermectine? Ivermectin is an anti parasite medicine, […]

Eyebrow threading is no new today. It has been practiced to enhance women’s beauty since years. And now, even men have started undergoing this process. Let’s learn more about threading and the associated pain. What is “Eyebrow Threading???? Eyebrow threading is an old hair-removal technique. It is the best alternative to waxing, especially for sensitive […]