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Customer’s Overwhelming Feedback On Using Dr. Numb

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 4th

Customer’s Overwhelming Feedback On Using Dr. Numb

Dr.Numb® is the reliable and effective topical anesthetic brand when it comes to dulling pain for tattooing, piercing and other processes. This is why we receive thousands of positive reviews and feedback from our customers. It is the most loved numbing cream out there! Dr.Numb® contains 5% lidocaine and keeps your skin efficiently numb for a couple of hours. Apart from tattooing and piercing, Dr.Numb® can be used with laser treatments, vaccination, microblading, dermabrasion, dermarolling and a range of invasive cosmetic and medical treatment.

Here we have listed some of them to show how Dr.Numb ® eliminates their pain and discomfort.

I couldn't feel anything and I do mean anything

“OMG......this is the absolute best one by far........I used one other one, and it didn't work, so I told myself you get what you pay for, and said if I'm going to do this I have to make sure it works, did my research and ran across Dr.Numb ® videos, and went out on a limb and brought it, my first session without Dr.Numb® was pure hell......but every other time with it was pure Heaven, because it was like I couldn't feel anything and I do mean anything, my tattoo artist kept asking me am I alright, and I was alright, because Dr.Numb® had me feeling no pain.”

  • Jeffrey Matthews

Using the cream have been a breeze, couldn't handle getting it finished without Dr.Numb®!!

“I was recommended dr (sic) numb by my artist at purple rose in Bristol for my back piece after a session or two of prolonged agony!! I was a bit hesitant due to the price but i bought a tube from eBay and did as she advised, covered half of my back with a thick layer (not rubbed in) one hour before the session, wrapped myself in cling film. When we started the tattooing I was amazed, I didn't feel a thing at all it blew my mind! I just lay on my front reading a book it was bliss. Sometimes the needle would go over a spot the cream had missed and made me jump but other than that it was such a relief. After an hour or so she applied more the other side of my back which she moved onto later, again wonderfully numbed. I would say the people who it hasn't worked for probably didn't put it on correctly as every tube I've bought has worked a treat. I've had 25 hours on my back so far and the last three sessions using the cream have been a breeze, couldn't handle getting it finished without Dr.Numb ®!! One more session to go.”

  • Alex Gear

Get tattooed wherever on your body for up to four hours absolutely pain-free!!

"Dr.Numb ® is an absolutely brilliant invention!! I'd heard about this stuff but when I looked on the internet to find reviews there wasn't much available except for a bunch of people saying its a scam etc etc! Well, I can personally tell you they are 100% wrong and have obviously never tried it! I was skeptical when i bought it but i thought its worth a gamble (£23 +£3 p+pebay). WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I started my tattoo sleeve with a three-hour appointment..i applied Dr.Numb® as instructed an hour before my tattoo, wrapped it in clingfilm and waited until 'go time'! was nervous when i got there thinking it isn't going to work!! I sat down, the tattooist stripped the clingfilm, wiped down my arm and started!! I didn't feel a thing for the whole three hours and the tattoo is from my wrist right up to my elbow joint and wraps the whole forearm area so its pretty big!! I can't express how impressed i am with this cream.... my arm was still numb for about an hour after id left the studio so really with one 30g tube you can get tattooed wherever on your body for up to four hours absolutely pain-free!! revolutionary!!! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!"

  • tomotomo87

No Pain….No Tears…

“I got a 3/4 sleeve and chest tattoo done with this stuff. This cream is well worth the money and last for 80% of my sittings which are like 4 hrs long each time. Put it on 2 hrs minimum and thick and cover with plastic wrap and wipe off just b4 the tattoo. It doesn't affect the tattoo at all. All u feel is pressure in the muscle tissue but no pain from the needles stabbing you. Thanks to this I was able to get a sleeve and chest plate done - with no tears.”

Quick Numbing and Long Lasting

“Numbed me promptly and long lasting for my tat removal session! I would highly recommend. They are health Canada approved and FDA Approved. Excellent customer service.”

  • John M.

So I Am Now a Loyal Customer Myself At Drnumb.Com

“I personally am tattoo artist from Chicago Illinois. Out of 10 customers, I hear from 7 people about numbing cream. In fact, 5 out 7 are men in my tattoo shop stores. It was a hard decision for me to decide on carrying numbing creams. At first quarter in 08 I tried Emla cream - downside was the pricing and oilyness which conflicted while I'm drawing. Later than one of my customers brought a topical anesthetic numbing cream called Dr.Numb ®(

It had no substance of oilyness and it was much stronger and long lasting on the skin. So I am now a loyal customer myself at serving our customer with the product.

I will give about 9 out of 10 for this numbing cream drnumb.”

  • Johnny


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