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Dr. Numb: A Painless Solution To Microdermabrasion

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 May 30th

Dr. Numb: A Painless Solution To Microdermabrasion

Beauty is known to be an obsession of women since ages. And the trend continues till date. This is probably the biggest reason why undergoing various dermal procedures has become common these days. It might be bit surprising how people bear the pain involved in these processes. Well, there is a solution which makes their way easier. Find out what it is. )

Among the varying range of beauty procedures, there is one getting popular day by day. Yes, microdermabrasion. Have you ever heard of it?

There would be many questions floating around, how it works, what it does, is it painful, and so on. To introduce, microdermabrasion is a method which involves sprinkling of tiny crystals onto the skin to remove the outer layer of your skin. Basically, you can treat it to be an exfoliation and rejuvenation process for your skin. And the results are highly appreciable. It leaves you with a softer and brighter looking skin. Simply, it paves a way for the fresh and younger looking skin.

With all the benefits, there is one more thing you need to know. The process is highly painful!


Yes, you read it right above. It causes a great amount of pain, which is unbearable for many, though it may vary from person to person. Professionals carry out microdermabrasion using a diamond tip or tiny crystals. Actually, these are used to exfoliate the skin through a sucking motion which eliminates the dead skin cells. In some cases, it might produce a slight tingling sensation which can lead to discomfort to some patients. But with those having low pain threshold, it can turn fearful.

But, then how come the women around the globe are opting for this method. Luckily, it is all due to the presence of amazing numbing solutions available in the market. Let’s know why?


If you are among those who profess a lower pain bearing capacity, you are highly recommended to apply a numbing cream before you go for any such process. It makes the therapy easy and pain-free. While different numbing creams work in a different manner, explore here about one of the best solutions available so far. Dr.Numb®- a simple and easy solution to have painless microdermabrasion.

WHY Dr.Numb®?

Let’s make things simpler to understand. Have a look at the below-stated points first;

Dr.Numb ® carried the highest amount of Lidocaine (5%), which is approved by the FDA. Using it will be safe and leave you with improved smooth and soft skin. You will not feel even a little pain while undergoing painful microdermabrasion.

How Does Dr.Numb® Work?

Dr.Numb ® is a topical anesthetic cream that desensitizes the area for 1-2 hours. It contains lidocaine, which dulls the nerve endings or pain receptors carrying pain signals to the brain. Once they are numbed, you don’t feel anything happening to your skin.

It is 100% effective and causes no side-effects.

It is used by the experts, tattoo artists, professionals, and much more to the skin less sensitive.

Being the only water-based numbing cream available in the market today; it works ideally with all ages and all skin types. It has 5% lidocaine which is the prescribed amount of numbing agent in topical anesthetic.

It simply numbs the area that needs to be treated. Hence, it totally eradicates the pain, which is all you are looking for, isn’t it? With it you can get the dermal procedure done for a beautiful and rejuvenated skin.

So, you get a clear idea why you need Dr.Numb ® to take out pain from the process. Be safe and enjoy beautiful skin!

How to Use Dr.Numb ® for Your Next or First Microdermabrasion?

Here is how to use Dr.Numb ® numbing cream for microdermabrasion.

  • Wash your face with cleanser. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Rub a small amount of numbing cream. Make sure to wear gloves as you experience numbed fingers.
  • DO NOT cover your face with cling wrap.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Wipe off the cream with a damp cloth before the process.
  • Wipe treatment area again with rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area.


  • Don’t use numbing cream on broken skin as it can enter the bloodstream. Talk to your doctor if you have sensitive skin.
  • Don’t use numbing cream near eyes or inside the nose. It is for external use only.
  • Avoid wearing the cream for longer.
  • Talk to your doctor if you have a medical condition.
  • Discontinue the use if you experience burning sensations or develop rashes. Go to the doctor immediately.

Bottom Line:

This is how Dr.Numb ® is a great investment for a painless microdermabrasion. Consider it buying from our official Dr.Numb® website. Always read the instructions before use and consult your physician if you have any health concerns.