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Dr. Numb – ESI Since 2018

Posted by Agnes B. On 2023 Apr 24th

Dr. Numb – ESI Since 2018

The Esthetic Spa International (ESI) Convention is the ultimate destination for beauty and wellness professionals, and Dr. Numb has been proud to attend this prestigious event since 2018. With its focus on education, innovation, and networking, ESI provides an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to learn about the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in the industry.

ESI Montreal 2018

For Dr. Numb, ESI is more than just a chance to showcase its products and services – it is a platform for sharing knowledge and connecting with like-minded professionals.

ESI Vancouver 2019

As a leading provider of topical anesthetic creams, Dr. Numb understands the importance of pain management in the beauty and wellness industry. Many treatments, such as laser hair removal, microblading, and tattooing, can be uncomfortable or even painful. By providing effective and long-lasting pain relief, Dr. Numb allows professionals to deliver these treatments with confidence, knowing that their clients will be comfortable and satisfied with the results.

ESI Vancouver 2020

ESI, Dr. Numb participates in a range of educational sessions, workshops, and demonstrations, sharing its expertise with professionals from all over Canada. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, Dr. Numb is able to develop innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

ESI Toronto 2022

ESI Toronto 2022

But ESI is not just about education and innovation – it is also about networking and building relationships. By connecting with estheticians, cosmetologists, dermatologists, and other professionals at ESI, Dr. Numb is able to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations that help to advance the field.

ESI Vancouver 2023

For Dr. Numb, attending ESI is a true highlight of the year. It is an opportunity to connect with peers, share knowledge, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the beauty and wellness industry. As ESI continues to grow and expand, Dr. Numb looks forward to being a part of this dynamic and exciting community for years to come.