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Eat Carbs And Lose Weight- An Oxymoron?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 3rd

Eat Carbs And Lose Weight- An Oxymoron?

The energy content of food is derived from macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat, and protein). Carbohydrates are one of the major nutrients useful to provide energy to your body. But how do Carbohydrates work?

  • Digestive system converts the carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar).
  • The body uses this sugar to provide energy to your cells, tissues, and
  • Any extra sugar gets stored in your liver and muscles for the time when it is needed.

So how can one imagine losing fat without the intake of carbohydrates- The building block of energy?

No doubt, the problem of obesity is increasing at a tremendous pace in the United States. Across the country, more than one in three adults and one in six children (ages 2-19) are obese and one in 11 young children (ages 2-5) are obese. But it does not mean that you give up on carbohydrates to burn your extra fat. Such strategy will take you nowhere, ending up worsening the things.

In one study from Tufts University, for 18 months, subjects followed one of two calorie-restricted diets:

Group 1:  A traditional higher-carbohydrate, low-fat diet

Group 2:  A moderately carbohydrate-reduced diet similar to The Zone (40 percent total calories from carbohydrates with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables over grains).

Surprisingly, after 18 months, both groups of dieters lost the same amount of weight, regardless of which plan they followed.

So the article covers some points on how to effectively intake carbohydrates and lose weight at same time.

1. Eat the right carbs

It is not a good move to restrict the intake of carbohydrate in your diet; instead what is important is how to eat the right carbs. What are the right carbohydrates? It is explained with help of an example below:

You may restrict potatoes from your diet but you should know that potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are highly rich in fiber, filling and with a low energy density.

However the other forms of potatoes in which you may be interested should be avoided- Potato Chips, deep fried in oil, with salt and pepper might sound mouth-watering but should be avoided if you wish to cut down some pounds. Instead of chips, what is preferred are potato wedges with olive oil and rosemary, but just do not cut down on the carbohydrates.

2. A low-carb diet can act as a stimulus for your more weight

What actually happens when people follow a low-carb diet? They are just satisfying their heart with no fruitful results. The only reason behind this is that many people switch to foods that are high in fat and calories while following a low-carb diet.

It is important to understand that portion sizes are crucial, no matter whatever diet you follow. Mouth-watering foods like cheese, nuts, and cream can’t be mindlessly robbed just because you’re on a low-carb diet - you could end up gaining more weight as a result.

3. Be slim with proper intake of carb-rich diet

You will be flabbergasted to know a fact that the slimmest people eat the most carbs, and the chubbiest ate the least. A multicenter study concluded that when carbs make 64% of your daily caloric diet (361 grams), you are likely to stay slim.

The low-carb diet restricts you to intake less than 30% of the total calories from carbohydrates, which is too low and if we take the aforementioned study seriously, you may end up gaining more weight if you follow such a low-carb diet.

4. No more belly fat with carbs intake

Even if you keep on consuming the same number of calories, you will be happy to know that carbs can help you to lose your belly faster than any other foods.

A diet rich in Resistant Starch was fed to rats by scientists to understand its effect on them. They came to the conclusion that after intake of this diet, the activity of fat-burning enzymes and fat-storing enzymes increased and decreased respectively.

This signifies that belly-fat cells were likely to soak up and store calories as fat.

Your body needs the energy to remain activated. Lowering the intake of carbs means lowering the intake of energy in your body. Low energy means you will feel sluggish and irritable most of the time. Let’s reveal the little-known secret of staying slim for entire life- Eat a diet packed with the right kind of carbohydrates.