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Gothic Tattoo: A Tasteful Combination Of Horror And Mystery

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 24th

Gothic Tattoo: A Tasteful Combination Of Horror And Mystery

Demons, moon phases, and witches are out of witchcraft book to make your tattoo amazing. Well, we are talking about amazing witch tattoos that haunt the onlookers. Let’s start the magic.

Looking for exciting tattoos that can make you the talk of the town?

What about ghosts, demons, and witchcraft?

Well, we are talking about witch tattoos that have tattoo freaks under their spell. As the name suggests, they are inspired by the witchcraft, rituals, mystery and (of course) witches. The presentation of these tattoos is unique which gives sensual or humorous tone to the tattoos. Witch tattoos are attractive for their intriguing details giving an aura of fear and mystery. From moon, symbols, broomstick, witch to planchette, there are plenty of witch tattoos to choose from.

But here we have rounded up cool witchy tattoos which will hypnotize you in no time.


Planchette is believed to be a medium to the worlds of the spirits. It has been used by the medium to meet the people to the ghosts to get the future predictions. The spirit is believed to move the planchette onto different letters and numbers. Whether it’s true or not, but one thing is for sure that planchette makes an awesome ghost tattoo. Some of the striking planchette tattoos are…

  • Spirit’s hand guiding the planchette
  • Skeleton playing Ouija
  • Don’t play planchette, it is dangerous
  • Demonic forces and Ouija board


Spells are a great mysterious tattoo idea. A spell is generally comprised of certain elements and particular words. You can get spell tattoos on the back, the feet, the wrist and the palms. Make sure you are familiar with the hymns before getting it on your body.


This list of gothic tattoo seems incomplete with one key thing that is the trademark of witchcraft. And it is none other than a broomstick. It was used by the magic practitioner to remove sickness and heal people. Consider it on larger body parts.

Animal Skulls:

Animal skulls look horrible. They are one of the eminent witchcraft materials for ages. Animal skulls are used for sacrifices, spell casting and divination. According to the magic practitioner, they are the source of animal energy and can attract the spirit. Animal skulls were also used by witches to decorate their working area. Animal skull tattoos are mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing. From the shoulder, arms, full back to the thighs, there are many body parts to get over an animal skull tattoo.


Pentacle is associated with a pentagram and is recognized for its “evil connection.” However, it is used to protect the person from evil spirits and troubles as well. As the name suggests, the pentacle is a five-pointed object, which is usually a star, enclosed by a circle. Each point represents the elements.

Triple Goddess:

Triple goddess stands for 3 phases of the moon and the 3 phases that woman face in their life: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. In simple words, it represents femininity and mystery. Each phase of life is characterized by a Greek Goddess. Maiden phase is carried by Persephone, the deity of purity and new beginnings. Mother phase is represented by Demeter, the deity of the harvest, delivering life and giving. The Crone phase is linked with goddess Hecate who stands for wisdom, fulfillment, and witchcraft.

Tarot Cards:

Tarot cards are used in astrology. They are picked up by the practitioner to predict the future. Each card stands for a different meaning. A combination of certain cards will create a whole new meaning. Some of the popular tarot cards are the moon card, the three of swords, Minor Arcana, Tarot Suits, Royal Arcana and Tarot Aces.


Symbols, also known as runes, are an important part of witchcraft. Each witchcraft sign stands for a meaning. Therefore, make sure you are aware of the meaning of getting the symbol. This list may help you.

Mannaz = the self
Gebo = partnership
Ansuz = signals
Othila = separation
Uruz = strength
Perth = initiation
Nauthiz = constraint
Inguz = fertility
Eihwaz = defense
Algiz = protection
Fehu = possessions
Wunjo = joy
Jera = harvest
Kano = opening
Teiwaz = warrior
Berkana = growth
Ehwaz = movement

Moon Phases:

Moon phases are the vital part of witchcraft. Each moon phase conveys a special meaning. For example,

  • New Moon for new beginnings, positivity, and fresh starts.
  • Waxing Moon stands for growth, positivity, creation, and strength.
  • Full Moon means protection, achievement, wish fulfillment and harvest.
  • Waning Moon for a solution and releasing.
  • Dark moon indicates peace, rest, wisdom, and divination.


So these are witchcraft tools and practices that made into spell-bounding tattoos. Want to get the one?

Make sure to choose a professional artist being specialized witch tattoo. And one more thing-the tattoo design should meet your taste. All the best!