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How to Cure Sun Burn At Home

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jul 30th

How to Cure Sun Burn At Home

With the burning hot summer days come the fear of sun burn and heat rash. Though it is hard to avoid going in sun completely, yet there are some herbal remedies which can help treat this kind of skin problems. Find out some cool remedies here.

Have you ever suffered from the after effects of excessive sun exposure?

Well, in life everyone experiences sun burn at one time or the other. Whether a light tan or heavy skin burn, harmful UV rays can impact your skin adversely. This might not be new to you, but you need to know that if not treated on time, it can lead to severe problems.

Find out how you can naturally treat the symptoms of sun burn and help your body heal faster as well.

Use cold milk to compress your skin

Do you know that milk you use in your daily life consist of lactic acids? Yes, it contains soothing qualities which are ideal to treat a sun-burned skin. Simply, you can use several cotton pads soaked in cool milk, leaving them around the burned area for at least 20 minutes. Once the pad dries up, you can rinse off the affected area with cold water. The best thing is that you would start feeling more soothed directly after application.

Apply cold sugar-free tea

The reason why you need to count on this remedy is that cold tea has the tannin as active ingredient which is very soothing and discomfort relieving. So, you can easily brew the tea in big pots, allow it to cool down nicely and use it. The other way would be to put the tea in the fridge for some time to make it cold enough to apply. Add the cold team into a spray bottle and then you can use it to spray directly onto your skin.

In case, you have burns or tanning near eyes, you can use the tea bags. Yes, used tea bags can be kept in the fridge to make them cold. And you can put them on your eyes for some cooling properties.

Count on aloe vera

It is the most widely used element for treating sun burn. While it is an easy available option, it provides immediate soothing relief for the burned skin, as well as assists to heal faster. So, now you buy any good Aloe Vera gel form the market and apply it directly on to the affected areas. Alternatively you can extract gel from Aloe Vera leaves and apply it. Fresh gel is denser in the healing quality as compared to those over-the-counter Aloe Vera products, prefer going with fresh gel.

Lastly, if it itches or burns a lot, you can switch to a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. It is one of the best numbing creams which can cause numbing sensation and relieve you from that relentless burning.

So, whether it is winter or summer, keep your skin sun protected. And if sun burns occur, follow the above stated solutions to keep skin healthy.