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How to Use Numbing Cream for Sunburn?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Aug 10th

How to Use Numbing Cream for Sunburn?

Besides easing tattooing and piercing pain, numbing cream soothes your sensation caused by sunburn. Here’s how…  

When your skin is exposed to the glazing sun for long, you end up with sunburn. Even spending 15 minutes in the sun can cause sunburn. You will see a noticeable difference between your affected skin and those which was covered by clothes. Even covered areas can be affected if your clothing has a loose weave letting UV lights in. The severe signs of sunburn are skin redness and blistering, pain and tingling, swelling, headaches, fever and chills, and dizziness. And excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. 

Use Numbing Cream for Immediate Sunburn Relief:

Sunburn turns worse because of the pain and tingling sensation making you feel as if you are burning. Cold compress or other remedies like lotion gives relief, though they may not work in case of severe sunburn.

In this scenario, you can use numbing cream to dull that burning sensation. Most numbing creams contain lidocaine that numbs the pain receptors beneath the skin which send pain signals to the brain. In fact, some sunburn relieving medications contain lidocaine in some extent to provide immediate relief.

However, numbing cream can only minimize your pain and discomfort occurring from sunburn. It should not be used for treating sunburn or blocking the disease process. Numbing cream is only for immediate relief from sunburn and nothing else. 

How to Choose Right Numbing Cream for Sunburns?

Sunburn can be mild or severe, requiring you to choose the cream accordingly. Lidocaine 5% is a good choice for severe sunburns as it can keep the skin numb for as long as 2 hours. For mild sunburns, you can use the creams having 0.5% of lidocaine. 

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How to Use Numbing Cream for Sunburn Relief?

  • Wash your skin with cold water
  • Pat it dry
  • Apply numbing cream over the affected area
  • You can use aloe vera gel in combination with numbing cream
  • Don’t cover the skin 


  • Discontinue the use of cream if it aggravates burning sensation or there is no improvement
  • Don’t use numbing cream if you have health condition or you are allergic to lidocaine
  • Talk to your doctor if you are taking medication or supplement