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Numbing cream for facial waxing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 16th

Numbing cream for facial waxing

Waxing is one of the oldest beauty treatments followed by women. Some of the oldest records are found in the Egyptian mythology. Beauty in a woman is often personified by a smooth, hairless, body and face. But, facing waxing is painful for sure. The way out is to use a good numbing cream such as Dr. Numb® that works well for facing waxing!

Women often get hair on their face due to hereditary genetic pattern or due to hormonal disorders. They often go for various beauty treatments that involve removal of hair. Waxing of facial hair is one such method that is commonly opted for by women of all ages. But the hair on the face is very fine and delicate. Unlike other parts of the body waxing can be very painful on the face.

By using a numbing cream for this procedure, the whole process can become very painless and much more bearable. Let’s read more about the benefits of using a numbing cream for a facial waxing procedure.

1. Basics of Waxing

In the procedure of waxing, hair is removed from the roots itself. It is normally observed that hair take one to three weeks to come back after a single session of waxing. How soon the hair come back, largely depends on the type of wax, the growth pattern of hair and the deftness of the person carrying out the waxing procedure.

2. The Pain Threshold of Waxing

Waxing is a very painful procedure; to have your hair pulled out form the roost requires courage and resilience. People, who cannot take this pain, often go for other methods like laser, shaving or even sugaring.

3. Use of a Numbing Cream

In the last decade or so, beauticians have started using numbing creams before waxing the facial hair. The numbing cream manages to numb the roots and prevents them from sending a pain signal to the pain receptor. Dr. Numb ® is a very well trusted name in numbing creams that is often used in these procedures, in order to cut out the pain completely from the procedure.