Swimming Is Fatal For A Healthy Tattoo

Swimming pools contain chlorine and bacteria that can damage your new tattoo and ruin your euphoria as well.

Let’s admit it. It is hard to resist the temptation of splashing into the pool right after your tattooing. After all, tattooed body looks great with the backdrop of water. However, we insist you to wait for at least 2-3 weeks before going swim.

The reason is pretty simple—water is not good for your fresh tattoo. In fact, avoiding water contact is one of the essential tattoo aftercare steps. However, most people don’t pay heed to their tattooist advice as they fall to the temptation we mentioned in the very first line.

Submerging your new tattoo for longer will kill the design, fade the ink and may cause infection. How?

The first reason is that water fades the ink. Secondly, swimming pool water contains chemicals which can affect your tattooed skin that is still punctured.

Chlorine, for example, is a common chemical being used in pool water and it can irritate your tattoo by making it extremely dry and flaky. You can also end up with itching, skin rashes and red bumps over the area. Chlorine can also leach ink from your tattoo.

But that doesn’t mean the pools free from chlorine or other chemicals are safe. This is because the lack of these chemicals will trigger the growth of bacteria or germs, thereby risking your new tattoo.

Even if the water itself is free from germs and bacteria, its surrounding areas like sunbeds, changing areas and towels are probably not.

Then, water bodies like lakes contain amoeba and other bacteria that infect the tattoo. Sea salt found in the sea or ocean is not good for your fresh tattoo too.

Consequently, all these blows to your fresh tattoo will affect your healing rate.

This is why you should avoid direct water contact or submersion until your tattoo is healed.

 When Your Tattoo is Prone to Direct Water Contact?

Apart from swimming, you can wet your tattoo…

  • When you’re washing your tattoo
  • When you’re taking shower

When to Go Swimming after Getting a New Tattoo?

You should avoid swimming for at least 2-3 weeks till the healing process is on. It is the period when flaking and peeling starts falling on their own. The tattoo looks completely healed. Until then, your tattoo is prone to bacteria, water, chemicals and pollution.

Therefore, summer is not the best time for getting a tattoo, especially for swimmers and beach freaks.

What If You Will Have to Swim or Accidently Get Your Tattoo Soaked Or Wet?

In such circumstances, make sure you…

  • Cover the tattoo with waterproof material such as plastic cling to avoid water contact as possible. But remove the wrapping when you are out of the water.
  • Wash your tattoo immediately with antibacterial soap when you are out of the water. This step is important to remove infection from your tattoos.
  • Allow your tattoo to dry naturally. Use a clean towel to wipe off the excess water and let it dry on its own.

Even after resuming your swimming, you must not forget to clean your tattoo with disinfectant soap along with other aftercare instructions.

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