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Belly Button Piercing is a trending thing these days. Almost everyone with whom you meet has some kind of piercing on their body parts like, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, tongues or belly buttons. Belly Button piercing has been pervasive for centuries and can be followed back to the antiquated Greeks, Egyptians and Indians. This piercing […]

You are bold and you certainly love to be challenged. You have tried a wide range of experiences, from mountain climbing, water rafting to bungee bouncing. Presently you are again confronted with the kind of challenge that is making you think commonly – would it be advisable for you to do it or not? You […]

Here are the mistakes you must avoid for having a safe and successful belly button piercing at home. Did you know? Belly button piercing is popular than ear and nose piercing as over 30 percent women choose it. This type of piercing just adds to your oomph factor. Belly button piercing was made popular by […]

Form the celeb street style to the backstage beauty; everyone seems to be going crazy for piercings. And in fact, belly button piercing is becoming a sure shot high-fashion statement. It attracts you too? Learn here in detail about this style of body art. You love belly button piercing? Well, there are many who are […]

Did you know? You can do belly button piercing at home. All you need to follow these steps. Belly button piercing or navel piercing adds to your oomph factor! Most of the people came to know about navel piercing after watching Alicia Silverstone in Crying music video by Aerosmith in 1993. Image Courtesy: Flicker.com According […]

It appears that each time you turn, there is another superstar that has pierced his/her belly button. Furthermore, with the help of  adorable and cute belly button rings you can flaunt your Belly Button piercing. Image courtesy: Pinterest.com It is practically as though they are chasing you down and provoking you to take the jump […]