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Summary: Non-melanoma skin cancer is a malignant tumour that develops in cells of the skin. Here we have discussed these risk factors in details along with prevention tips. Non-melanoma skin cancer is caused by UVB rays, one of the UV rays types, which break down the DNA in skin cells. This is why nearly 90% of non-melanoma […]

Sunburns are typically brought on by the UV-rays from the sun, however, it is likewise basic and conceivable to get a sunburn from UV lights (tanning beds) and different sources. A standout amongst the most well-known symptoms of sunburn is itching of the affected area. Getting sunburn relief on the itching can be a daunting […]

Skin cancers or Non Melanoma Cancer is mostly caused by UV rays. Read here the risk factors and some preventing steps. Ultraviolet Rays or UV rays are responsible for the skin cancer as it break down DNA in skin cells. UV light has three types which cause skin cancers such as ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B […]

A small mole on the upper lip can become a beauty mark for one, and a slightly distorted mole can become life threatening for another. Generally adults have a large number of moles on their body. While most of these are normal, there can be a few here and there which can become cancerous. Since, […]

What Are Moles? Moles are clusters of pigmented cells appearing as small, dark spots on the skin surface and typically appear on the face, legs, arms and torso, however can develop anywhere on the body. Moles differ greatly in color and size. While common skin moles are uniform in color, dark, and often upraised over […]