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Tattoo Regrets - A Bitter Truth About Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Aug 2nd

Tattoo Regrets - A Bitter Truth About Tattoos

Tattoos are carrier of emotions and are gifted to human race from long time. But as the time passed people not just started getting tattoo on their skin, but many of them also started regretting it. Tattoo Regrets can take birth because of many reasons: lack of research, breakup, intake of drugs while getting tattooed and many more.

Advanced Dermatology surveyed 600 people who have at least one tattoo they regret and found that over 70% of respondents spent only a few weeks or less planning their tattoo. As many as 28% made the decision to get their regretful tattoo in a few hours or less. Such startling facts reveal that tattoos end up in regrets if not thoroughly researched.

The article shares few experiences of people who regret their tattoo today because of some or other reason.

Can music leads to tattoo regret?

“My first tattoo, which I got senior year of high school, is of a treble clef, and the tail is backwards. I told my sister I wanted it because “Music can solve it all,” which, fine. The artist asked me which way it went and I said, “IDK, which way should it go?” And he said, “I give tattoos, not opinions.” So we guessed, and it was wrong.

It’s on my wrist, so it’s just every professional acquaintance I meet who sees it. It’s kind of embarrassing, in the same way someone might be embarrassed by the fact that they used to wear pyramid belts in all seriousness — except that the pyramid belt is on your wrist, forever. I don’t necessarily regret it, but I wouldn’t do it again.”

If gets easily bored, wait for feelings to get mature before getting a tattoo

“I always get bored with everything in no time. Without taking this fact into consideration, I got a tattoo on my wrist and within just 6 months I started to hate it. The reason was not that the tattoo was ugly or I had a breakup, but the problem was that it was visible to my eyes and soon my eyes started to hate the tattoo. If my tattoo would have been linked in some other place, it would have boosted my personality without any hatred.”

A tattoo artist with inexperience leads to unhealthy tattoo

"I was 18 and the guy I wanted to do it palmed the job off to his apprentice. He didn't even watch her. She went too deep and now the tattoo is permanently and pretty severely raised. The lines aren't straight, you can't really read what it says and now it's too big, thick, and raised to cover without costing an arm and a leg!

But I don't really care, I never ever think about it haha. No one ever really sees it (on my ribs) and even if they do, I tell them what happened and we laugh about it. I usually tell people who are thinking of getting one, at least then I can probably prevent someone from my mistake hahaha."

Drink and Tattoo is not safe at all

“My friend went to a guy he knew that did tattoos as a hobby at his house. He wanted "UNFORGIVEN" tattooed down his forearm. They decided to get drunk as he is getting the tattoo. My friend passes out. He wakes up a few hours later and looks over at the tattoo guy who is staring at the floor with a look of defeat on his face. "I fucked up man" he said as my friend looked down at his new "UNFORIEN" forearm tattoo.”