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Tips to Follow Before Brazilian Waxing

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Aug 4th

Tips to Follow Before Brazilian Waxing

Are you planning for a beach party? Want to flaunt your beautiful skin?

That’s not a bad idea at all. But, what about the bikini hair? You have a good thought to flaunt your skin in public, but you have to answer a basic question before going ahead with beach party - Is your skin ready? Get Brazilian Waxing

You will like to step out in the beach confidently with your bikini line cleaned. But for that to happen, you need to look for options like Brazilian Waxing that offers myriad of advantages and satisfies your desire to flaunt your skin confidently.

The article shares few tips to consider before going ahead with Brazilian Waxing. Follow these tips for an effective process.

Trim Beforehand

This is required if the length of your hair is more than required. So please trim it beforehand, or ask your professional to do the same, before she starts with your bikini wax. As the hair longer than the length needed can cause some pulling and discomfort, it is better to cut them short.

Consider Regular Breaks

Even if you are tempted to get bikini waxing done, ensure that you take 3-4 breaks. It allows your skin to breathe, and helps in avoiding any redness or blotchiness in the area. On the contrary, being too quick and harsh with the bikini wax leaves you with sore skin, which you won’t like on your wedding day.

Keep Patience

It’s understood that you are excited and nervous. But you have to let that fuzz grow out before your waxing session. In case, the professionals advise you multiple sessions, make sure you leave enough of a gap between two bikini wax appointments. The length of the hair should be just right if you want the waxing session to carry off properly and painlessly. Generally, a quarter of an inch is considered as the ideal hair length.

Keep Some Cooling Cures

Now this can be as per you comfort. From cotton dipped in refrigerated rose water, to fresh Aloe Vera gel, there are various options to use to cool the bikini area. These can be applied right after your waxing session or whenever required. It is important to soothe the skin down there and take care of any redness or inflammation. So, keep them handy!

Avoid Caffeine

Before your appointment drink lots of water. And steer clear of consuming any caffeinated products or alcohol. To keep the process smooth, you need to avoid these substances which would else cause stimulating effects. Having caffeine and booze prior your session can tighten the pores. This further leads to the hair being gripped more strongly. It can cause hair breaking at the surface of the skin and extra pain. Better if you skip your regular cup of coffee before the appointment.

Stay Painless

Last but not the least, be prepared for the pain. Yes, it is going to be painful. But don’t worry; there is a solution to your problem. You can switch to a reputed topical anesthetic cream like Dr Numb. It comes with 5% lidocaine and can be applied to every skin type. Just let it be there for 45 minutes and it will block the pain signals at the nerve ending. This means, no pain, only beautiful and hairless skin.

With these tips you are all set to get hair-free bikini surface. Enjoy your beach party and let others adore your beautiful skin.