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Tips to Zap your Stubborn Zits and their Spots

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 30th

Tips to Zap your Stubborn Zits and their Spots

“I spent most of my life locked in my room, miserable about my raging acne.” Is this the case with you too? Prevent those stubborn spots from ruining your date with these simple and easy expert tips.

Blackheads, whiteheads and red inflamed bumps are the common cause of concern in people these days. You try and try and still you get them. Read on to know the ultimate surefire tips on how to keep your skin spot-free without much hassle.

Why we get spots?

Spots are the outcomes of oil-producing sebaceous glands that lie just below the surface of our skin.These glands secrete natural oil called SUBUM through the hair follicles ontoour skin's surface.

The hormonal imbalance or their excess can prompt these glands to produce extra sebum. The hair follicles get blocked by the dead skin cells because of which oil builds up space for acne buildups.

Nina Goad of the British Association of Dermatologists explains, ‘This buildup of oil creates an ideal environment in which acne bacteria can multiply, triggering a chemical reaction and the formation of spots.'

Types of Spots

Blackheads appear like black dots on your skin. They typically develop in larger pores allowing air to enter and react with the oil and dead skin cells.

Whiteheads are filled with the same matter as blackheads. However, the pores are comparatively tiny preventing the air to enter in and react with the sebum, hence they stay white.

Red inflamed bumps or pimples are a sign of infected pores that are caused by acne bacteria.

Tricks and Tips to Prevent Spots

Throw the towel in

While it is a must to clean your face atleast twice a day, it is also important that you use a clean towel to dry your face. Celebrity skincare expert Lee Garrett says, "Wash your face twice a day to remove impurities, dead skin cells and extra oil from your skin’s surface but don't overdo it, too much can hurt inflamed skin and cause more irritation. Also remember to regularly chuck your towel into the laundry hamper as dirty towels spread bacteria."

The same goes for your pillow covers too. Make sure you change them every two days and wash your bedsheets once a week.

Go Green

Whenever it comes to facial problems, especially pimples, experts usually ask to drink lots f water. This is because when we eat and drink well our skin gains the rewards. Dermatologist Stefanie Williams explains: "I recommend drinking lots of green and white tea, as they are rich in antioxidants, which have been shown to be great for skin and general health.”

Make sure that two thirds of your plate should always be veggies. A diet filled with high vegetable content is not only associated with reduced skin wrinkling and better skin quality, but also prevents risk of deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases of ageing.

Get tech-savvy

If you’re tired of trying and testing numerous cream and gels, it’s probably the right time to explore a different route. How about investing in some smart technology to prevent those zits and spots?

The market these days offers several effective products like no!no!, which uses therapeutic pulses of heat and light technology to speed up the healing process of acnes and otherbreakouts.

"There is little general awareness of the use of various wavelengths of light to effectively treat inflammatory acne," says Dr. Stones, Dermatologist and Medical Director at Courthouse Clinics."Such devices are small and mostly rechargeable that directly target affected areas without causing any pain.

Sleep and Stress

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can also help you prevent breakouts and spots. Stress and lack of sleep can increase the level of inflammatory markers in your body that can harm your skin makingit prone to infection and spots.Include adequate sleeping hours in your routine and adopt measure to tackling your stress to have a long-term positive impact on your skin. Go for a peaceful walk, meditate or simply tap your feet on your favorite number to burst out your stress.

Hope these tips will help you maintain your skin glowing and spotless.